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#1 Posted : Monday, January 19, 2009 1:55:17 PM(UTC)

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I have code which serializes my annotations to a data base.  I store the annotation position based on the results of a query to the objects position.  I have had some issues with line annotations where they do not report the same values for the end points that they were defined with.  Considering the following snippet I do not believe that the message box should trigger, but it always does:

Public Sub DrawLine(hObj As OLE_HANDLE, startX As Single, startY As Single, endX As Single, endY As Single, Optional Clr As Variant)
    Dim hObj        As OLE_HANDLE
hObj = canvas.AnnCreate(ANNOBJECT_LINE, True, True)
    Dim I           As Integer
    Dim J           As Integer
    Dim currTag     As Integer
    Dim swap        As Integer
    Dim ModeWas     As Single

    ModeWas = canvas.AnnUserMode
    canvas.AnnUserMode = ANNUSERMODE_DESIGN   
    Dim startCX As Single, startCY As Single, endCX As Single, endCY As Single    
    canvas.BitmapToClient startX, startY
    startCX = canvas.ConvertX
    startCY = canvas.ConvertY
    canvas.AnnDefine hObj, canvas.ConvertX, canvas.ConvertY, ANNDEFINE_BEGINSET
    canvas.BitmapToClient endX, endY
    endCX = canvas.ConvertX
    endCY = canvas.ConvertY
    canvas.AnnDefine hObj, canvas.ConvertX, canvas.ConvertY, ANNDEFINE_END
    canvas.AnnSetVisible hObj, True, 0, ""
    canvas.AnnUserMode = ModeWas   
    If Not IsMissing(Clr) Then
        canvas.AnnSetForeColor hObj, CLng(Clr), False
    End If
    Dim arrX    As Variant
    Dim arrY    As Variant
    Dim loc1    As PointDB
    Dim loc2    As PointDB   
    arrX = canvas.AnnGetPointX(hObj)
    arrY = canvas.AnnGetPointY(hObj)

    loc1.X = arrX(0)
    loc1.y = arrY(0)
    loc2.X = arrX(1)
    loc2.y = arrY(1)   
    If ((startX <> loc1.X) Or (startY <> loc1.y) Or (endX <> loc2.X) Or (endY <> loc2.y)) Then
MsgBox "Not the same values: " & startX & " <> " & loc1.X & ") Or (" & startY & " <> " & loc1.y & ") Or (" & endX & " <> " & loc2.X & ") Or (" & endY & " <> " & loc2.y & ")"
    End If       
End Sub

Is there some trick to keeping these annotations from walking slightly up and left?


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#2 Posted : Monday, January 19, 2009 1:58:27 PM(UTC)

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the hObj as an argument is a left over, not germane to the question
#3 Posted : Tuesday, January 20, 2009 4:56:56 AM(UTC)
Maen Hasan

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I'm not sure what causes the shift you're getting, but before going into details, why not try a different approach.
Instead of parsing the object properties yourself, you could store the annotations into a memory buffer using the AnnSaveArray or AnnSaveMemory methods. You can then store it into the database.

If this approach will not work for you, can you put your code in a small test project (not your full application) and send it to us in a ZIP or RAR file and we will check it for you.

Maen Badwan
LEADTOOLS Technical Support
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