Pixid's Whiteboard Photo lets you take snapshots of your whiteboard, flipchart, chalkboard, or even overhead projections with your digital camera and convert them into crisp, perfect images in seconds. Whiteboard Photo uses proprietary image processing algorithms to compensate for the geometry of your photograph, correct the colors, and clip the borders so that you get a perfect picture of your board every time. You do not need to worry about the angle of the camera, the lighting, reflections, or even small print. Whiteboard Photo can create brilliant hard-copies in less than 30 seconds.

Main features include:

whiteboard photo

'Whiteboard Photo' was created with LEADTOOLS.

"We chose LEADTOOLS because we needed uncompromising compatibility with a large number of file formats. Our product needs to work with all digital cameras so we need to be able to load every variety of JPEG file that is out there. In addition, we need a robust TWAIN interface that works well with all TWAIN-compliant devices. We wanted a package that returns meaningful error messages so our program can tell not just that a function call failed, but why it failed. We have found no JPEG format files that LEADTOOLS has not been able to handle."

- Scott Wilson, Pixid, Inc.

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