The LEADTOOLS HTML5/JavaScript Zero-footprint Medical Viewer is an OEM-ready web application that provides a platform-independent solution to display DICOM studies for all medical disciplines and modalities. The fully customizable application is a powerful collection of JavaScript libraries and web services, and is perfect for any developer or integrator who needs a fast, lightweight DICOM viewer solution without sacrificing any features that health care professionals demand, including 3D volumes.

LEADTOOLS takes full advantage of everything modern web browsers and mobile devices offer, giving developers a shorter learning curve and confidence that their application will satisfy customer demands for user experience and broad-ranging DICOM support on multiple devices. The plethora of fast, client-side DICOM tools—pre-defined and custom layouts, touch-enabled window-leveling and medical-specific image processing, annotations, 3D reference lines, and more—make the LEADTOOLS HTML5/JavaScript zero-footprint Medical Viewer a premier choice for software developers working in the health care space.

Overview of LEADTOOLS HTML5/JavaScript Zero-footprint Medical Viewer SDK Technology

  • HTML5/JavaScript Viewer control
  • Cross-platform DICOM image display and processing on many browsers and devices
  • View DICOM images from your local archive or a remote third-party PACS using vendor-neutral DICOM communication, WADO, or DICOMWeb
  • Leverage LEADTOOLS Multi-Resolution and Tiled Image technology to view images up to 1TB with a great UX
  • Modern and intuitive user interface with customizable dark and light themes
  • MVC architecture built with AngularJS
  • Extensible Web API services to perform query/retrieve and stream DICOM metadata and image data stored as any format or compression
  • Fully customizable study and series-level layout, including:
    • Adjacent cells
    • Any cell location
    • Any cell size
    • Configurable layout presets
    • Empty cells
    • Overlapping cells
    • Explodable cells
    • Row Symmetric and Column Symmetric
    • XML layout definitions
  • Zero-footprint 3D volume rendering
    • Client-side display and control communicates rapidly with server-side 3D rendering engine for unparalleled medical 3D display in any modern browser
    • Multiple volume types including VRT, MIP, MPR, SSD
    • Interactive controls for window level, density removal, offset, scale, zoom, and more
    • Settings and options for customizing the volume appearance including border, rotation cube, resolution, and slicing
    • Cache 3D volume for faster load times
  • Comprehensive collection of tools for designing and re-using display layouts
    • Intuitive, user-friendly interface to create and store DICOM Hanging Protocols
    • Store study and series-level Structured Displays
    • Design advanced non-grid layout templates (e.g., FMX 18) usable by DICOM Hanging Protocols and Structured Displays
  • Upload to the DICOM server directly from the viewer control
  • Image Annotation and Mark up for HTML5/JavaScript
  • Render encapsulated PDF documents
  • Fast, client-side tools such as window level, series stack, image processing, Hounsfield unit, probe, spy glass, shutter, and Cobb angle
  • Display 3D reference lines on any series, including optional simultaneous display of boundary lines (first and last)
  • 3D cursor for smooth MPR and synchronized stack navigation
  • Automated image synchronization to view multiple series based on the image position and orientation
  • Various series sorting options
  • Split series into multiple stacks
  • Load all images without scrolling (Lazy Loading)
  • Perform synchronization on two large stacks of the same anatomy
  • Apply image processing and manipulation to a single frame or entire series
  • Study timeline thumbnail preview with drag and drop support
  • Patient laterality, orientation, and localization (Patient Projection)
  • Display DICOM images based on signed and unsigned data
  • Comprehensive support for DICOM display properties and tags
    • Modality & Linear Modality LUT
    • VOI & Linear VOI LUT
    • Min/Max Value
    • High Bit & Bits Allocated
    • Photometric Interpretation (Monochrome 1, Monochrome 2, palette color, true color, etc.)
  • Overlay text to show patient and study information, metadata with configurable weight/importance, and option to permanently burn overlays onto images
  • Client-side caching of DICOM image data for fast reloads and network traffic reduction
  • Collaboration and export options
    • Create, load, save, and share annotations as Softcopy Presentation State including Compound Graphic Objects
    • Upload annotated and processed images back to server as Secondary Capture
    • Save DICOM instances to local archive
    • Generate PNG URL direct links
    • Screen capture
  • Full cine feature set that includes play, pause, first, previous, forward, backward, and loop
  • Render DICOM Waveform data sets
  • Customizable right-click context menus
  • Diagnostic quality status indicator (derived, compressed, normal)
  • Application and audit logging interface
  • Manage user authentication, permissions, and roles
  • Mouse, multi-touch, and gesture input
  • Externally/programmatically control the viewer with .NET or JavaScript
  • Zero-footprint deployment shortens loading times for low-bandwidth clients
  • Interface for custom database schemata
  • Microsoft TypeScript files provide static types and class-based object-oriented programming in JavaScript
  • Reduce IT overhead by centralizing the image-viewer maintenance to web servers
  • Source code is included; so, you can easily customize and brand as your own
The following are some examples of web browsers that support HTML5 markup:
  • Desktop Browsers
    • Chrome
    • Firefox
    • Edge
    • Internet Explorer 9 and later
    • Opera
    • Safari
  • Mobile and Tablet Browsers
    • Safari
    • Chrome
    • Edge
    • Internet Explorer 10 and later
    • Android
    • Firefox Mobile
    • Opera Mobile

Technology Related to HTML5/JavaScript Zero-footprint DICOM Viewer

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Documentation Links for HTML5/JavaScript Zero-footprint DICOM Viewer

White Papers Written About HTML5/JavaScript Zero-footprint DICOM Viewer

  • HTML5 Zero-footprint Viewer for DICOM and PACS

    The demand for zero-footprint applications is growing rapidly, especially in the health care industry with the increasing popularity and usage of tablets and mobile devices by health care providers. There are many ways to display DICOM images and communicate with a PACS over the web or intranet in a zero-footprint manner, but not all applications are created equal. Any zero-footprint application must do a significant portion of work at the server, but this typically causes a tradeoff in features and performance for which developers must find the proper balance. LEADTOOLS overcomes these problems with an advanced AngularJS framework that is able to query any PACS and window level and annotate 16-bit grayscale images on an HTML5 canvas.

Demo Applications that Include HTML5/JavaScript Zero-footprint DICOM Viewer

HTML5/JavaScript Medical Web Viewer Framework

A zero-footprint Medical viewer with light and dark themes to display DICOM images (pixel data) with window level, density removal, offset, scale, zoom, stack, annotation/markup, and multi-touch support for phone, tablet, and desktop.

It demonstrates zero-footprint 3D volume rendering of multiple volume types including VRT, MIP, MPR, and SSD in the Medical Web Viewer. The viewer does not require browser plugins, desktop utilities, or remote desktop clients and features low resolution and caching options for faster rendering and loading.

Note: If you have your own test images that you would like to upload into the application, contact to have a private user profile created.

HTML5/JavaScript Dental Web Viewer Framework

The zero-footprint Medical Web Viewer with specialized dental features enabled, including Endo, Perio, Dentin, and FMX layouts. Additionally shows multi-touch support for phone, tablet, and desktop.

  • Interactive brightness and contrast display
  • Display DICOM information

Screenshots of HTML5/JavaScript Zero-footprint DICOM Viewer

Medical HTML5/JavaScript Viewer

Medical HTML5/JavaScript Viewer

Medical HTML5/JavaScript Query

Medical HTML5/JavaScript Query

Videos of HTML5/JavaScript Zero-footprint DICOM Viewer

DICOM Hanging Protocol Overview - LEADTOOLS Web Viewer

DICOM Hanging Protocol is a new feature in LEADTOOLS Version 19 that helps doctors and radiologists save time when viewing studies.

Before digital imaging, Doctors hung film sheets on an illuminator, or light box. Typically, the sheets were printed and hung in specific locations and orders, thus the name “Hanging Protocol." This can be difficult to reproduce digitally, but the DICOM standards define ways of matching and displaying a patient’s images that doctors can configure, reuse, and share.

3D Cursor - LEADTOOLS Medical Web Viewer

In this video, we will demonstrate the 3D cursor feature found in the LEADTOOLS HTML5, Zero-footprint Medical Viewer. The 3d cursor, also called a 3d localizer, can be used on a study with multiple series captured on different planes and scroll each series so that each image intersects on the voxel represented by the mouse click.

Synchronized Stacking - LEADTOOLS Medical Web Viewer

In this video, we will demonstrate the Series Synchronization feature found in the LEADTOOLS HTML5, Zero-footprint Medical Viewer. When multiple series on the same plane are loaded into the viewer, Series Synchronization will keep the image slices in each viewer cell in line with each other based on their 3-dimensional location information.

LEADTOOLS HTML5/JavaScript Medical Viewer Speedup in April Update

In the recent April 2016 LEADTOOLS Version 19 free update, we significantly improved the speed of loading a series in the HTML5/JavaScript, Zero Footprint Medical Viewer. Watch this side-by-side comparison to see just how much faster it is!

LEADTOOLS SDK Products that Include HTML5/JavaScript Zero-footprint DICOM Viewer

LEADTOOLS Medical Imaging Suite v20

Develop powerful PACS and Medical imaging applications with LEADTOOLS Medical Imaging Suite. Features include LEAD's Zero-footprint HTML5 DICOM Viewer, Medical Web Viewer Framework, Medical 3D, DICOM Multimedia codecs, high and low-level PACS SCP and SCU functions and controls, secure PACS communication, Print to PACS, comprehensive DICOM data set support, image annotation, extended grayscale image display such as window level and LUT processing, DICOM Hanging Protocol, and specialized medical image processing. Other features include lossless JPEG compression, JPIP, and signed and unsigned image data processing.