Product Description

Develop powerful document imaging applications with LEADTOOLS Document Imaging. Features include PDF viewing and editing, comprehensive image annotating, specialized bitonal image displaying, and image processing. Other features include performance and memory optimizations for bitonal images, document image cleanup, including inverted text, border, hole-punch, and line removal, and scanning with LEADTOOLS Fast TWAIN and WIA.

LEADTOOLS Document Imaging is the entry-level product for developing document imaging applications with LEADTOOLS. More advanced features including OCR, forms recognition, and HTML5/JavaScript viewing are available within more advanced toolkits and add-on modules within the Document Imaging Family.

What's Included in the LEADTOOLS Document Imaging SDK?

Documents - Create, Load, Save, View, Edit, Convert



LEAD also offers a value-oriented, standalone PDF imaging toolkit with the LEADTOOLS PDF Pro SDK. This product includes everything developers need to read, write, view (as raster), and edit PDF files with advanced capabilities such as the extraction of text, hyperlinks, bookmarks, and metadata as well as update, split, and merge pages from existing PDF documents. It excludes vector display and conversion, which is only available in the document and medical imaging product families.

Bitonal and Color Image Processing

Image Display and Annotation

Virtual Printer, Image Capture, and Scanning

Image Load, Save, Conversion, and Compression

LEADTOOLS Document Imaging can be Extended to Add More Technology

Add-on modules and plug-ins can be added to LEADTOOLS Document Imaging to add even more imaging technology.

LEADTOOLS Document Imaging can be Upgraded to Add Specialized Imaging Technology

The LEADTOOLS Document Imaging is the base SDK for other more advanced LEADTOOLS imaging products. These more advanced products include all of the imaging technology contained in the LEADTOOLS Document Imaging product and add supplementary advanced and/or specialized technology.

Add Multimedia Technology to Applications

Platforms and Programming Interfaces

Support and Documentation