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Development License Pricing

Development License Pricing
Quantity Price
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3 Pack $11,985.00 - Add to cart
5 Pack $18,730.00 - Add to cart
10 Pack $34,965.00 - Add to cart

A development license is required for each programmer using the SDK. Each development license includes a license to develop one end-user application.

A development license also includes free technical support via email and chat. Premium support via telephone is also available on a per-case basis or included with an Annual Maintenance plan.

Note, Deployment Licenses must be purchased for each copy of the resulting application that is installed, distributed or otherwise deployed. (See "Deployment Licensing" section below.)

Deployment Licensing

A deployment license is required to copy and deploy LEAD's intellectual property with the end-user software you develop with LEADTOOLS. LEAD offers several standard license models designed to fit the needs of internal development projects as well as commercial software distributed by ISVs. These standard models include:

  • Deployment to stand alone desk tops or for use by named users
  • Deployment to servers
  • Deployment to mobile devices
  • Hosted services and SaaS
  • Cloud deployment

To discuss pricing or your deployment needs and requirements contact, call our licensing department at 704-332-5532, or chat. For more information on licensing, visit:

Note: Many factors go into deployment license terms and conditions, including the feature/functionality you are using in your application and the volume of licenses you are committing to purchase. We encourage you to provide as much information as possible so we can provide you licensing terms that are properly aligned with your business model.

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