LEAD Custom Development Services


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Custom Development Services for SDK Enhancements, Compiler/OS Ports and Custom Application Development

To complement LEAD's award winning development tools and imaging utilities, we offer professional development services. LEAD's development staff has over 100 years of combined experience in digital imaging and Windows-based software development. By engaging our imaging experts, customers can save countless hours of R&D and coding time, not to mention, leverage LEAD's extensive experience in the field of digital imaging and programming methodology. Not only can you get to market quicker, your product will have the quality and performance the market demands.

Development Services Offered By LEAD

LEAD offers professional development services in the following categories:

  • Modification/Enhancement of existing toolkit features - If our award winning development products do not satisfy your specific requirements, LEAD can build a development tool to meet your specific imaging needs by modifying existing functions or developing entirely new functions. For example, we can add support for a currently unsupported file format or compression type, or we can expand the support for a currently supported file format or compression type.
  • Special Builds - LEAD can create a special build of an existing product, if our current architecture does not meet your development or deployment objectives. For example, we might be able to create a "light weight" library for your use within your application.
  • Software Porting - LEAD can provide partial ports of LEADTOOLS for use with a currently unsupported compiler/development environment and/or operating system. For example, we can develop a library compatible for use on a Unix machine or a Windows CE device.
  • Turnkey Application Development - Perhaps you don't have the time, resources, or expertise to implement a particular imaging-enabled application. LEAD can develop your application for you, from start to finish, and even help you with the design and specification.

Please Read Carefully Before Submitting A Request For Quotation ("RFQ")

LEAD's primary business is developing LEADTOOLS, our line of software development toolkits and imaging utilities. We offer professional development services to compliment our product line, and as a means to provide superior service to our customers.

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