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RasterThumbnailBrowser Class Methods


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Public Methods

Name Description
Public Method BeginUpdate Prevents the control from drawing until the RasterImageList.EndUpdate method is called.
Public Method CancelLoadingThumbnails Cancels the load operation at any time.
Public Method EndUpdate Resumes drawing of the control after drawing is suspended by the RasterImageList.BeginUpdate method.
Public Method EnsureVisible Ensures that the specified item is visible within the control, scrolling the contents of the control if necessary.
Public Method GetItemRectangle Retrieves the bounding rectangle for a specific item within the RasterImageList control.
Public Method HitTest Queries the specified location to determine if the point is over a RasterImageListItem.
Public Method LoadThumbnails Browses the specified directory for supported images, and generates thumbnails for each image file that is found.
Public Method Refresh Refresh loading thumbnails and generates new thumbnails for new files and remove thumbnails for deleted files
Public Method ScrollItems Scrolls the content of the control.
Public Method SelectAll Selects or un-selects all the items in this RasterImageList control.
Public Method Sort Sorts the items of the RasterImageList control.

Protected Methods

Name Description
Protected Method Dispose(Boolean) This member overrides Control.Dispose.
Protected Method IsInputKey This member overrides Control.IsInputKey.
Protected Method OnAddFile Raises the AddFile event.
Protected Method OnAutoDeselectItemsChanged Raises the RasterImageList.AutoDeselectItemsChanged event.
Protected Method OnAutoDisposeImagesChanged Raises the RasterImageList.AutoDisposeImagesChanged event.
Protected Method OnBorderStyleChanged Raises the RasterImageList.BorderStyleChanged event.
Protected Method OnChanged Fire the WatcherChanged event
Protected Method OnCodecsChanged Raises the CodecsChanged event.
Protected Method OnDoubleBufferChanged Raises the RasterImageList.DoubleBufferChanged event.
Protected Method OnDrawItem Raises the RasterImageList.DrawItem event.
Protected Method OnEnableKeyboardChanged Raises the RasterImageList.EnableKeyboardChanged event.
Protected Method OnEnableRubberBandSelectionChanged Raises the RasterImageList.EnableRubberBandSelectionChanged event.
Protected Method OnErrorThumbnailChanged Raises the ErrorThumbnailChanged event.
Protected Method OnFinishedLoadingThumbnails Raises the FinishedLoadingThumbnails event.
Protected Method OnItemBackColorChanged Raises the RasterImageList.ItemBackColorChanged event.
Protected Method OnItemBorderStyleChanged Raises the RasterImageList.ItemBorderStyleChanged event.
Protected Method OnItemForeColorChanged Raises the RasterImageList.ItemForeColorChanged event.
Protected Method OnItemImageBorderStyleChanged Raises the RasterImageList.ItemImageBorderStyleChanged event.
Protected Method OnItemImageSizeChanged Raises the RasterImageList.ItemImageSizeChanged event.
Protected Method OnItemSelectedBackColorChanged Raises the RasterImageList.ItemSelectedBackColorChanged event.
Protected Method OnItemSelectedForeColorChanged Raises the RasterImageList.ItemSelectedForeColorChanged event.
Protected Method OnItemSizeChanged Raises the RasterImageList.ItemSizeChanged event.
Protected Method OnItemSpacingSizeChanged Raises the RasterImageList.ItemSpacingSizeChanged event.
Protected Method OnKeyDown This member overrides Control.OnKeyDown.
Protected Method OnLoadingThumbnailChanged Raises the LoadingThumbnailChanged event.
Protected Method OnLoadThumbnail Raises the LoadThumbnail event.
Protected Method OnLostFocus This member overrides Control.OnLostFocus.
Protected Method OnMouseDown This member overrides Control.OnMouseDown.
Protected Method OnMouseMove This member overrides Control.OnMouseMove.
Protected Method OnMouseUp This member overrides Control.OnMouseUp.
Protected Method OnPaint This member overrides Control.OnPaint.
Protected Method OnPaintPropertiesChanged Raises the RasterImageList.PaintPropertiesChanged event.
Protected Method OnRefreshStatus Fire the RefreshStatus event
Protected Method OnRenamed Fire the WatcherRenamed event
Protected Method OnScroll Raises the RasterImageList.Scroll event.
Protected Method OnScrollStyleChanged Raises the RasterImageList.ScrollStyleChanged event.
Protected Method OnSelectedIndexChanged Raises the RasterImageList.SelectedIndexChanged event.
Protected Method OnSelectionModeChanged Raises the RasterImageList.SelectionModeChanged event.
Protected Method OnSelectUserImageChanged Raises the RasterImageList.SelectUserImageChanged event.
Protected Method OnShowItemTextChanged Raises the ShowItemTextChanged event.
Protected Method OnSizeChanged This member overrides Control.OnSizeChanged.
Protected Method OnSorterChanged Raises the SorterChanged event.
Protected Method OnSortingChanged Raises the SortingChanged event.
Protected Method OnThumbnailSizeFlagsChanged Raises the ThumbnailSizeFlagsChanged event.
Protected Method OnUseDpiChanged Raises the UseDpiChanged event.
Protected Method OnViewStyleChanged Raises the ViewStyleChanged event.
Protected Method WndProc This member overrides Control.WndProc.

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