Introduction to LEADTOOLS Media Foundation Transforms

Media Foundation transforms are multimedia components that can be used to compress, decompress, process, enhance or stream video and audio data. Codecs (Compressers-Decompressers) are required for encoding (creating) and decoding (playing) audio and video files.

 With LEAD codecs, which support industry standards as well as our own industry-leading compression and decompression algorithms, you can compress large media files with no perceivable loss of quality. Compressing video down to one fifth of its original file size makes it easier to stream online, place on popular handheld devices such as the PSP or iPod, or share. This help file provides information about the different LEADTOOLS Media Foundation transforms.

The LEADTOOLS Media Foundation SDK includes full or evaluation versions* of many MediaFoundation® transforms such as encoders, decoders, media sinks (multiplexers), media sources (demultiplexers). Also included are evaluation versions [*] of the  MPEG-2 media source, ISO media source, MKV media source/sink and more.

Refer to LEADTOOLS Media Foundation Transforms for a complete listing of available transforms. Refer to the Product Comparison Chart to see which licensed filters are included with the various LEADTOOLS products. LEADTOOLS Multimedia includes evaluation versions of all Media Foundation® Transforms that may be used for development and testing.

[*] For pricing on filter and codec client licenses, contact .

Key Features:

LEAD Video Codecs

LEAD Audio Codecs

Media Sinks

Media Sources

Audio Transforms

Video Post-Processing Transforms


LEADTOOLS Media Foundation features require a number of files that you must include when you distribute your application .

Certain transforms and codecs require additional deployment licenses in order to be included with your application. For information on licensing the LEADTOOLS Transforms and Codecs, refer to Media Foundation Transforms and Codec Licensing.

Supported Environments

LEADTOOLS Media Foundation comes in a Win32 edition. The environments supported depend upon the specific product, platform and function being used. For more information, refer to Supported Platforms / Operating Systems.

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