Setting a Runtime License

LEADTOOLS requires a runtime license file and developer key.

How to Obtain a LEADTOOLS Runtime License File and Developer Key

Obtain a Temporary Runtime License File and Developer Key to Evaluate all Features

You may download the latest build of LEADTOOLS and have a temporary runtime license and developer key emailed to you by registering at this link:

Obtain a Permanent Runtime License File and Developer Key

The first step in obtaining a permanent runtime license and development key is to purchase a development license for the LEADTOOLS product(s) that include the desired feature(s).  Upon purchasing a LEADTOOLS development license, a temporary runtime license file and developer key will be sent to you, so you may continue to develop while a deployment license is put into place. If you have purchased a LEADTOOLS development license, but are not able to develop because you have not received a developer key and license file, contact

The second step is to complete and submit the Deployment License Application Form (DLA) to obtain a quote to purchase deployment licenses. Once you have submitted the form, may contact you for additional information to finalize the deployment license agreement.

Next, purchase any necessary deployment licenses, and if applicable, complete and sign a Commercial Deployment License. The signed document may be scanned as a PDF file and sent to or sent via fax to +1-704-372-8139. To obtain a copy of the Commercial Distribution License for your specific needs, contact

Finally, once licensing has received your Deployment License Application Form and, if applicable, the Commercial Deployment License, licensing will send your specific license file and developer key necessary to unlock the appropriate features. At this point, you may distribute your application per the deployment license agreement and, if applicable, the Commercial Deployment License.

Use a Runtime License File and Developer Key

These instructions apply to temporary evaluation and permanent LEADTOOLS license files and developer keys. Once you have received your developer key and license file, use the appropriate license function for your development environment and target platform.

Non-Multimedia Features

Platform Function
C DLL L_SetLicenseFile
C++ Class Library LSettings::SetLicenseFile
.NET / Java RasterSupport.SetLicense
JavaScript/TypeScript RasterSupport - JavaScript
Objective C and Swift for MacOS Setting the iOS License in your Xcode Project
Java for Android Setting your License with LEADTOOLS for Android
Getting Started with LEADTOOLS for Android

The Media Raster feature, known as DVD Burner in the Multimedia toolkits, is unlocked with any of the above methods, if it is included in your LEADTOOLS runtime license and is available for the target platform.

Multimedia Features

Unlike LEADTOOLS Medical, Document, and Imaging products, LEADTOOLS Multimedia products use license keys instead of a runtime license file/developer key combination to unlock specific multimedia DirectShow and Media Foundation filters. These keys will be sent to you by once appropriate deployment licensing is in place. Until that time, the LEADTOOLS DirectShow and Media Foundation filters can be available in evaluation mode. For more information, refer to LEAD DirectShow and Media Foundation Evaluation Mechanism.

Platform Function
C DLL (C / C++ / VB6) ILMDSKernel2::UnlockModule
.NET (C# / VB) MultimediaSupport.UnlockModule
Additional Multimedia Licensing Information

Check Non-Multimedia Features Unlocked by a Runtime License File and Developer Key

To determine whether a specific feature is available after setting a runtime license, call the appropriate function for your development environment:

Platform Function
C DLL L_IsSupportLocked
C++ Class Library LSettings::IsSupportLocked
.NET / Objective C / Java RasterSupport.IsLocked

More Information on LEADTOOLS Products and Features

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