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Uploading Using the Documents Library

The LEADTOOLS Documents library supports uploading documents from the user drive to the cache system. This support is helpful when the cache is hosted on a separate machine not accessible to the user (for example, when the Documents class is hosted in a web service with a JavaScript or rich client application such as the HTML5/JavaScript version of the LEADTOOLS Document Viewer using the LEADTOOLS Documents Web Service).

Uploading a document is supported only if a valid instance of LEADTOOLS Cache Object is passed to DocumentFactory.UploadDocument or set up in the global DocumentFactory.Cache property.

All the methods for uploading a document are in the DocumentFactory class. Uploading the document can be done in chunks to show a progress bar and optionally allow the user to abort the application.

The application should first prompt the user for the location of the document and then obtain a file stream object with read access to the original file. At that point, the following actions are possible:

For an example, refer to DocumentFactory.BeginUpload.

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