Technical Support

Before calling technical support, please check the online documentation, example programs, demos, and/or tutorials that shipped with your product. They may well include a time-saving, cost-free answer to your question.

Cost-Free Technical Support

Free technical support is available via email and the support forum. When sending a support request via email, please include your product serial number. You may receive free technical support or find valuable information through the following methods:


Home page:

Online Support / Forums and FAQs:

Online Support / Chat:

Paid Technical Support

In addition to free technical support, LEAD offers paid technical support options. Paid technical support via phone is available Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. through 6 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

If you are calling by phone, please be at your computer and have your product serial number ready. If you have already purchased a LEADTOOLS Subscription, have your subscription number ready.

Subscription support members can contact us or find valuable information through the following additional means:


(704) 372-9681


(704) 372-8139

Mailing Address

You can also contact LEAD by mail at:

LEAD Technologies, Inc. Attn: Technical Support Suite 200 1927 S. Tryon Charlotte, NC 28203

See Also:

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