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JobBase Class Methods


For a list of all members of this type, see JobBase members

Public Methods

Name Description
Public Method GetJobStatus Returns the status of a specific job.
Public Method Log Logs an entry using the Leadtools.Logging logging framework.
Public Method OnJobReceived Processes new jobs when they are available and ready for processing.
Public Method OnJobTerminated Responds to a job that unexpectedly terminates, or when a process is forcibly terminated by the windows service.
Public Method ResetJob Resets the specified job.
Public Method SetAbortedStatus Sets the status of a job to Jobstatus.Aborted.
Public Method SetCompletedStatus Sets the status of a job to Jobstatus.Completed.
Public Method SetFailureStatus Sets the status of a job to Jobstatus.Failed.
Public Method UpdatePercentage Sends updated progress information for the current job to the windows service.

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