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Leadtools.Forms.Common Introduction


LEADTOOLS Recognition is a high-level .NET SDK that harnesses the power of LEAD's image processing technology to intelligently identify document components and features that can be used to recognize and classify scanned documents. The Forms Recognition module can even be used to define recognition boxes for automatic processing of any part of a form.

Used in conjunction with LEATOOLS Document Imaging document clean-up functionality, which dramatically improves recognition results, the Forms Recognition toolkit can be used to process a list of images, return unique XML data that describes them, and then store and use that data set as a standard for recognizing future digital images.

This approach is especially powerful when combined with LEADTOOLS scanning, deskew, OCR, ICR (hand-written characters), OMR, PDF OCR, MICR, and annotation functionalities for automating end-to-end (capture-to-data-processing) document handling workflows. Examples of forms recognition and processing include Passport, OMR, Drivers License, and Bank Check workflows.

Key Features:

  • High level classes allow adding form recognition with very little code.
  • Full source code for an end-user Forms Recognition and Processing application + hundreds of lines of sample source code.
  • Use in conjunction with LEADTOOLS Document Imaging workflow functions to incorporate  scanning, deskew, OCR, ICROMR (to extract check marks, check boxes, etc), PDF OCR, MICR, redaction, and annotation with recognition and processing.
  • Flexible automatic recognition engine can be customized to use Barcode, OCR, line detection, and special object detection (such as logos, text blocks, and shapes).
  • Loads/saves form identification information as XML for storage in a database.
  • Handles any of 150+ input file formats, including different bits-per-pixel, dpi, scales, skew angles, and noise.
  • Lets you define multi-page forms for recognition and processing.
  • Stores any number of pre-defined forms.
  • Recognizes forms at both form and page level, so you can compare an image to any form page or compare a complete multi-page form to any predefined master form.
  • Recognizes any number of regions or objects on a page.
  • Lets you define, include, and exclude regions of interest in the form.
  • Supports a variety of data fields such as: text, OMR, image, and Barcode
    • Text fields support both printed and hand-written text.
    • Supports regular expressions to find / validate text in a specified format.
    • Image fields allow you to extract signatures, personal pictures, logos, and fingerprints.
    • Barcode fields support all barcode Linear(1D) and 2D types, such as PDF417, DataMatrix, QR, EAN, UPC, Databar, and 4-state.
    • Handles different form fields either by name or GUID
  • Enables auto-registration (deskew) and clean-up to improve recognition results.
  • Enables manual feature weighting for improved recognition performance.
  • Generates comprehensive results and confidence level reports to assess performance.

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