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UpsertMasterFormsToFullTextSearch Method


Add or updates all the master forms in the repository to the full text search engine database.

public bool UpsertMasterFormsToFullTextSearch() 
Public Function UpsertMasterFormsToFullTextSearch() As Boolean 
   bool UpsertMasterFormsToFullTextSearch() 

Return Value

true if the operation completed successfully, otherwise; false.


This method will loop through all the master forms in the IMasterFormsRepository set in this engine and add or update each form page to the full text search database. If an item with these properties already exist, then its metadata will get updated. This is performed using the UpsertMasterFormToFullTextSearch method of the FormRecognitionEngine instance used internall by this engine and then calling IFullTextSearchManager.Index to re-index the database and ensure that the new items are ready to be used.

This method will throw an error if an instance of IFullTextSearchManager is not used with the engine.


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