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Overview and description of Leadtools Document Compare classes, and enumerations.

Class Description
Class CompareJobData Data for a status compare job.
Class CompareJobRunner Initializes a new instance of this class.
Class Difference Abstract object describing the difference between two compare objects.
Class DifferenceLocation Holds the positional information for a Difference object.
Class DocumentCompareOptions The options to be used with the DocumentComparer.
Class DocumentComparer Supports comparing strings, DocumentPageText, and LEADDocument objects.
Class DocumentDifference Holds the result set for positional text-based comparisons.
Class MarkdownReportOptions Options to be used in conjunction with DocumentDifference.GenerateMarkdownReport.
Class PageCharacter Holds additional information about DocumentCharacter, such as the page number, wordmap index, and character index.
Class PageCharactersDifference Holds PageCharacter difference information.
Class ReportOptions The base options that are used when generating a report.
Class TextDifference Object for holding text-comparison information.

Enumeration Description
Enumeration CompareStatus The status for a compare job.
Enumeration DifferenceOperation The operation that was performed on a Difference region.

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