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Medical3DClient Class Methods


For a list of all members of this type, see Medical3DClient members

Public Methods

Name Description
Public Method CheckProgress Checks the progress of the object creation process.
Public Method Create3DObject_AddFrame Adds a data slice to the 3D object from the specified Leadtools.RasterImage.
Public Method Create3DObject_Close Ends object creation and makes the object ready to be displayed.
Public Method Create3DObject_Create Creates an empty object having the specified dimensions.
Public Method CreateObject Creates a new 3D object id.
Public Method DestroyObject Destroys the 3D object and deletes it from the process.
Public Method DoTimelyChecks Destroys all 3D objects that have not been used for a long time.
Public Method GetMPRImage Gets the specified MPR slice of the 3D volume.
Public Method GetRenderedImage Gets the specified RasterImage from the output 3D volume.
Public Method GetSettings Returns the settings in the specified json file.
Public Method ItemExists Indicates whether the specified item exists.
Public Method KeepAlive Keeps the 3D object alive for now, and prevents it from timing out by resetting its timestamp.
Public Method Load3DObject Loads a 3D object that has been cached.
Public Method LockTimeOut Locks the time out for the object, preventing it from getting deleted.
Public Method Save3DObject Saves the loaded 3D volume to the hard drive.
Public Method SetErrorStatus Sets an error status message for the volume.
Public Method UnLockTimeOut Unlocks the time out for the object that is locked by the method LockTimeOut.
Public Method UpdateSettings Sets properties of the 3D object using a Json object.

Protected Methods

Name Description
Protected Method Dispose Releases all resources used by the Medical3DClient.
Protected Method Finalize Overrides Finalize.

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