L_UINT uStructSize; 
   pBITMAPHANDLE pBitmap; 
   L_INT nCurrentWidth; 
   L_INT nCurrentHeight; 
   POINT ptTopLeft; 
   L_INT nNewWidth; 
   L_INT nNewHeight; 
   COLORREF crBkgnd; 
   L_UINT32 uDlgFlags; 
   LTCOMMDLGHELPCB pfnHelpCallback; 
   L_VOID *pHelpCallBackUserData; 

The CANVASRESIZEDLGPARAMS structure provides information used to initialize the dialog box created by the L_DlgCanvasResize function. After the user closes the dialog box, this structure is updated with information about the user's selections.

Member Description
uStructSize Size of this structure, in bytes. Use the sizeof operator to calculate this value.
pBitmap Pointer to the bitmap handle that references the bitmap used for preview or processing.
nCurrentWidth A variable that contains the value to be displayed in the Current Width static control. This value may be equal to the bitmap width.
nCurrentHeight A variable that contains the value to be displayed in the Current Height static control. This value may be equal to the bitmap height.
ptTopLeft A POINT structure that contains the top left coordinates of the bitmap within its new canvas. This point is relative to the bitmap, and will not exceed the bitmap's width or height.
nNewWidth A variable to be updated with the new width set by the user.
nNewHeight A variable to be updated with the new height set by the user.
crBkgnd A COLORREF variable to be updated with the background color. You can specify a COLORREF value, such as the return value of the Windows RGB macro, or you can use the PALETTEINDEX macro to specify a palette color.
uDlgFlags User interface flags for this dialog, which determine the layout and action of the dialog. Possible values are:
  Value Meaning
  DLG_CANVASRESIZE_AUTOPROCESS [0x00000001] process the image on OK. The pBitmap member of this structure should contain a valid bitmap.
  DLG_CANVASRESIZE_SHOW_CONTEXTHELP [0x00000002] dialog should contain a context sensitive help icon.
  DLG_CANVASRESIZE_SHOW_CURRENT_HEIGHT [0x00000004] dialog should contain the Current Height static control.
  DLG_CANVASRESIZE_SHOW_CURRENT_WIDTH [0x00000008] Dialog should contain the Current Width static control.
  DLG_CANVASRESIZE_SHOW_HORIZPOS [0x00000010] dialog should contain the Horizontal position.
  DLG_CANVASRESIZE_SHOW_VERTZPOS [0x00000020] dialog should contain the Vertical position.
  DLG_CANVASRESIZE_SHOW_BACKCOLOR [0x00000040] dialog should contain a background color picker button.
  DLG_CANVASRESIZE_SHOW_KEEPASPECT [0x00000080] dialog should contain the Maintain Aspect Ratio check box.
pfnHelpCallback Pointer to an optional help callback function. If you do not wish to provide help to this dialog, use NULL as the value of this parameter. To provide help to this dialog, use the function pointer as the value of this parameter. The callback function must adhere to the prototype described in LTCOMMDLGHELPCB.
pHelpCallBackUserData Void pointer that you can use to pass one or more additional parameters that the callback function needs. To use this feature, assign a value to a variable or create a structure that contains as many fields as you need. Then, in this parameter, pass the address of the variable or structure, casting it to L_VOID *. The callback function, which receives the address in its own pHelpCallBackUserData parameter, can cast it to a pointer of the appropriate data type to access your variable or structure. If the additional parameters are not needed, you can pass NULL in this parameter.
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