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Barcode Symbols encode data into machine-readable form. A number of international and national standards govern what data can be encoded, and how, for many industry sectors.

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Key Features:

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Barcode Technology

For 1D Linear examples, definitions, and their uses, see:

Barcode Technology

LEADTOOLS 1D Linear (read/write)

Sub-types supported:

LEADTOOLS 2D (read/write)

Types supported:

Barcode 2D DataMatrix (read/write)

Sub-types supported:

Barcode 2D PDF 417 (read/write)

Barcode 2D MicroPDF 417 (read/write)

Barcode 2D QR (read/write)

Sub-types supported:

Barcode 2D Aztec (read/write)

Sub-types supported:

Barcode 2D Maxi (read/write)

Sub-types supported:

Barcode 2D MicroQR (read/write)

Sub-types supported:

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Product Information: LEADTOOLS Barcode SDK

Linear 1D Barcode Examples, Definitions, and Uses

Programming with LEADTOOLS Barcode


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