typedef struct _AAMVAID 
   L_UINT uStructSize; 
   L_CHAR IssuerIdentificationNumber[6]; 
   L_AAMVA_JURISDICTION Jurisdiction; 
   L_AAMVA_VERSION Version; 
   L_CHAR JurisdictionVersion[2]; 
   L_UINT NumberOfEntries; 
   AAMVASUBFILE* Subfiles; 

This structure contains information encoded in an AAMVA CDS related to ID card or driver's license, of the cardholder.

Member Description
uStructSize Size of AAMVAID structure, in bytes, for versioning. Use the sizeof operator to calculate this value.
IssuerIdentificationNumber The issuer identification number (IIN) of the issuing authority associated to the AAMVAID.
Jurisdiction The issuing jurisdiction of the AAMVAID. For possible values, refer to L_AAMVA_JURISDICTION.
Version The version of the encoded data used to create the AAMVAID. For possible values, refer to L_AAMVA_VERSION.
JurisdictionVersion The jurisdiction version of the AAMVAID. The value of this member is encoded by the issuing authorities internally.
NumberOfEntries The number of entries (subfiles) in the AAMVAID. This value should be at least 1. Many issuing authorities encode more than one subfile in their barcodes.
Subfiles Pointer to an array of all subfiles in the AAMVAID. The array length will be the value of NumberOfEntries.


This structure will be filled by L_BarCodeParseAAMVAData when reading PDF417 barcodes from North American ID cards and driver's licenses.

The value of IssuerIdentificationNumber (IIN) consists of six digits. Some older IINs with AAMVA CDS of version L_AAMVA_VERSION.L_AAMVA_VERSION_PRE_2000 consists of five digits – without the initial digit '6'. If such IIN is encountered, the digit '6' will automatically precede the IIN. For more information, refer to: https://www.aamva.org/IIN-and-RID/.

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