ltmmDVResolution Constants


typedef enum ltmmDVResolution 
   ltmmDVResolution_Default = 0, 
   ltmmDVResolution_Full    = 1000, 
   ltmmDVResolution_Half    = 1001, 
   ltmmDVResolution_Quarter = 1002, 
   ltmmDVResolution_DC      = 1003 
} ltmmDVResolution; 


The ltmmDVResolution constants define the target file format.


Constant Description
ltmmDVResolution_Default Default resolution.
ltmmDVResolution_Full The largest DV decoder resolution.
ltmmDVResolution_Half The resolution at half size.
ltmmDVResolution_Quarter The resolution at quarter size.
ltmmDVResolution_DC The resolution at one-eighth size.
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