LEADTOOLS Multimedia (Leadtools.MediaFoundation assembly)

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Leadtools.MediaFoundation allows you to incorporate image display, image compression, file format support, image processing and other imaging functionality into your Microsoft Media Foundation applications.

For an overview and description of media foundation classes, enumerations, and interfaces, click "Leadtools.MediaFoundation" under Namespaces, below.

Leadtools.MediaFoundationOutline and description of media foundation interfaces, enumerations, structures, and classes.
Leadtools.MediaFoundation.CommonOutline and description of multimedia methods and classes used to unlock LEADTOOLS multimedia features.


Leadtools.Multimedia namespaces
Leadtools.MediaFoundation namespaces
Leadtools.MediaStreaming namespace
Leadtools.MediaWriter namespace
LMNetDmx namespace
LMNetMux namespace
LMNetSnk namespace
LMNetSrc namespace
LTDvdWriter namespace

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Getting Started

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Leadtools.MediaFoundation requires a Multimedia or Multimedia Suite license and unlock key. For more information, refer to: LEADTOOLS Toolkit Features