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ImageOverText Property

Gets or sets a value that indicates whether to use a raster image overlay on top of the resulting PDF document.
public bool ImageOverText {get; set;}
Public Property ImageOverText As Boolean
Dim instance As PdfDocumentOptions
Dim value As Boolean
instance.ImageOverText = value
value = instance.ImageOverText
public bool ImageOverText {get; set;}
@property (nonatomic, assign) BOOL imageOverText
public boolean getImageOverText() 
public void setImageOverText(boolean imageOverText)
property bool ImageOverText {
   bool get();
   void set (    bool value);

Property Value

true to use a raster image overlay on top of the resulting PDF document, otherwise; false. Default value is false.

This is used when creating a searchable PDF document that is required to be the same as the original. When true, an image of the original file will be saved over the entire PDF document as an overlay. When using the resulting document in a PDF viewer, you can still search the text underneath the overlay image and still maintain the look of the original document.

The DocumentWriter.AddPage method and the DocumentPage structure provide more information on how to create a PDF file that uses overlay images.

Use the ImageOverTextSize property to control the quality of the overlay image.

Use the ImageOverTextMode property to control if and how grayscale images are treated in the final document.

For an example, refer to PdfDocumentOptions.

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