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Leadtools.Documents.Converters Introduction

With LEADTOOLS Document Converter SDK Technology, developers can create powerful, automated document conversion, archival and delivery systems for .NET (C# & VB). Under the hood, the Document Converter SDK automatically uses a combination of the LEADTOOLS Raster, SVG, OCR and Document Writers engines to convert images and documents using the best possible combination of accuracy and speed.

The Document Converter SDK is designed for use in any application and can be used to convert both raster and document formats alike, making it ideal for any Enterprise Content Management (ECM), document archival and document normalization solution.

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Overview of LEADTOOLS Document Converter SDK Technology

Convert to and from any document or raster image files

Perform document-to-document conversion at 100% accuracy without the need for OCR

Convert files to SVG for use in HTML5 applications and viewers

Convert complex document objects and features such as

Automatically convert raster images to documents with OCR

Seamlessly integrates with LEADOOLS Document Viewer

Supported Environments
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Using LEADTOOLS Document Converters

Version History

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   Leadtools.Documents.Converters requires a Document or Medical toolkit license and unlock key. For more information, refer to: LEADTOOLS Toolkit Features