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ReadBarcodes(RasterImage,LeadRect,Int32,BarcodeSymbology[],IBarcodeReadOptions[]) Method


For information about this method please see ReadBarcodes.


WinRT C#
Public Overloads Function ReadBarcodes( _ 
   ByVal image As Leadtools.RasterImage, _ 
   ByVal searchBounds As Leadtools.LeadRect, _ 
   ByVal maximumBarcodes As Integer, _ 
   ByVal symbologies() As Leadtools.Barcode.BarcodeSymbology, _ 
   ByVal options() As Leadtools.Barcode.IBarcodeReadOptions _ 
) As Leadtools.Barcode.BarcodeData() 
 function Leadtools.Barcode.BarcodeReader.ReadBarcodes(RasterImage,LeadRect,Int32,BarcodeSymbology[],IBarcodeReadOptions[])(  
   image , 
   searchBounds , 
   maximumBarcodes , 
   symbologies , 


A RasterImage object that contains the image data. Must not be null.

A LeadRect that specifies the region of interest area in the image where the barcodes search and detection is performed. You can specify empty rectangle to indicate that the search must be performed on the whole image.

An Int32 that specifies the maximum number of barcodes to return. Must be a value greater than or equal to 0. The value of 0 means all barcodes.

An array of BarcodeSymbology enumeration members that specifies the barcode symbologies (types) to search for.

An array of IBarcodeReadOptions that specifies the options to use. This can be null, where the current default options is used. Otherwise, the method will use the options that corresponds to the symbologies being read, if the array does not contain specific options for a symbologies being read, then the default version will be used.

Return Value

An array of BarcodeData objects that contains the symbology, data, location and any rotation angle for each barcode found. If no barcodes can be found, then this method will return an empty array (Length equals to 0).


Note: In LEADTOOLS for .NET, the equivalent to LeadRect is LogicalRectangle and the equivalent to IBarcodeReadOptions is BarcodeReadOptions.


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