LEADTOOLS Silverlight Support

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LEAD Technologies includes Silverlight 3 and Silverlight 4 binaries with all products in the LEADTOOLS Document and Medical Imaging product families. With LEADTOOLS, Silverlight developers can load, display, process, convert and save many different image formats that are not intrinsic to the Silverlight framework. Images can be processed and annotated directly within the Silverlight application. Additionally, functionality such as forms recognition and OCR can be extended in your Silverlight applications.

In some cases, the LEADTOOLS Silverlight class library offers a subset of the features of the LEADTOOLS .NET class library.

Classes, Properties, Methods, and Events that are supported in Silverlight are noted in the documentation with the Supported in Silverlight icon ( ).

The following LEADTOOLS Silverlight assemblies / namespaces include partial ports of the LEADTOOLS .NET class library assemblies:

LEADTOOLS for Silverlight includes support for the following image file format filters:

In addition, the following assemblies are written specifically for Silverlight:

*NOTE: Silverlight supports PDF write support only and requires Leadtools.Codecs.Pdf.dll.



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