Deployment License Agreement Summary

The Duplication and Distribution License (“Deployment Agreement”) requires that a deployment license be purchased for each “deployment” of your application developed with LEADTOOLS (“Application Software”).  This includes copies deployed internally and copies that are sold commercially or otherwise distributed to third parties. For purposes of the Deployment Agreement, a “Deployment” of Application Software includes, without limitation, the following types of deployment:

Desk Top Deployments

A “Desk Top Deployment” means installation of the Application Software by our customer and/or our customer’s customers on a stand-alone PC or mobile device for use by a single named user.  Application Software that is deployed as Desk Top software is intended for interactive use by the named end user, and has a GUI requiring the user to control the application by mouse and/or keyboard.  A Desk Top Deployment also is applicable where Application Software is distributed to client machines via a web server or other network device via a CAB file or similar mechanism and installed on the client machine.  A Desk Top Deployment is not intended to cover software running in batch mode or as an unattended service where multiple people are directly or indirectly able to utilize the feature/functionality of the software. Desk Top deployments are also referred to by the industry as client licenses, stand-alone licenses and user licenses. A Desk Top Deployment License is required for each Desk Top Deployment of Application Software.

Concurrent Deployments

A “Concurrent Deployment” means our customer has built a reasonable method of concurrency into the Application Software so that, although installed on multiple PCs, only a limited number of users are technically permitted to use the system at the same time.  For example, if the Application Software is installed on one hundred (100) computers, but only ten (10) users may be logged in to use the Application Software at the same time, licensing for ten (10) Concurrent Deployments would be required instead of 100 Desk Top Deployment licenses.  The fact that a server application is “queuing” jobs sent to it, and processing one job at a time, is not considered concurrency for purposes hereof.  This type of deployment would require a Server Deployment License, as described below. A Concurrent Deployment license is also required when the Application Software is installed on a single computer, but more than one named user can use the computer. Concurrent licenses are also commonly referred to as referred to as floating licenses.

Server Deployments

A “Server Deployment” means the customer has installed the Application Software on a server, network device, webserver/website or hardware device that is intended for use by multiple users.  Server Deployments are typically for Application Software operated as a process (as opposed to by a person), primarily intended to operate in batch mode, involved in high volume processing with minimal or no user interaction, or intended for multiple users and/or other applications to access the features and capabilities of the Application Software (e.g. installation of the Application Software on a networked MFP device).  Please note: Placing an installation file on your server that is to be downloaded and installed on client machines, such as a CAB file to plug into Internet Explorer, requires a Desk Top deployment license for each user who downloads the CAB file. The server in this case is just acting as a carrier, much like a CD-ROM or FTP site, and is not the location where the Application Software is executed and used. (This type of configuration would not require a server license since each user machine requires a Desk Top License.) A computer installation designed to service multiple un-named users, and not a single named user or set of concurrent named users, such as a kiosk, requires a Server License. Use of the LEADTOOLS Document HTML5 Module or the LEADTOOLS Medical HTML5 Module requires a server license for the underlying LEADTOOLS SDK to which the Module has been added on for each webserver/website that is using the functionality available in such Modules.  LEAD offers a variety of server license options based on the production level of the server, whether the server is being sold commercially or used internally, the number of computers connected to the server, monthly through-put, and whether the customer is offering services to the public (ASP/SaaS model).  Please contact for more information concerning server licenses options

Multi-Modular Deployments

Customers may have different LEADTOOLS features enabled in an “application” with some modules being installed and enabled on one machine and other modules being installed and enabled on other machines.  For example, a Document Management system may be comprised of some scan stations where OCR and Barcode recognition will be performed and some annotation/mark up stations where image mark up and editing will take place. The deployment licenses for OCR, Barcode and image mark-up features are priced separately, and the applicable deployment licenses only need to be purchased where the technology is enabled. Thus, OCR and Barcode enabled licenses will need to be purchased for the scan stations, and the lower priced Document Imaging licenses will need to be purchased for the image markup stations.

New Versions

No additional deployment licensing is required for minor version updates.  If a major new version of the LEADTOOLS SDK is included in an upgrade to the Application Software, each user that is upgraded will require an upgrade deployment license.  The upgrade deployment  license price is 40% of the published price of the deployment license for the new version of the LEADTOOLS SDK for the applicable quantity of licenses being purchased.  Any prepaid deployment licenses that have not been deployed at the time the customer licenses a major new version of the Software will be carried forward and may be applied to deployments of Application Software made with the major new version of the Software.  A customer is under no obligation to update previously deployed user or client licenses with the new version of the Application Software that includes the major new version of the Software. Customers also have the option of purchasing annual maintenance for their deployment licenses.  Annual maintenance for a deployment license is prices at 20% per year and entitles the customer to upgrade the deployment license with any new versions released during the maintenance period.

Other Licensing Options

If none of the deployment licenses fit your licensing model, LEAD can tailor a licensing program to meet your particular facts and circumstances.  We offer fully paid up licenses, site licenses, and percentage of revenue licenses in certain cases. Please contact to initiate a dialog regarding your unique license requirements

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