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Unlocking Special LEAD Features

LEAD offers a variety of features, such as Document support, Medical support, Vector support, etc., which are only available in certain toolkits and are locked. To use these features you must:

NOTE: The call to RasterSupport.SetLicense should be placed at the startup of the application and does not unlock the machine for use afterwards. This is required for each instance of the application that is executed. If your application spawns other processes that also use LEADTOOLS, those processes must make their own call to RasterSupport.SetLicense.
NOTE: As an alternative to calling RasterSupport.SetLicense, you can specify your runtime license in the Leadtools.dll.config file. For more information, see LEADTOOLS Config License.
Refer to the RasterSupportType enumeration for a list of specific features that can be unlocked.
For information on products and the features available in each product, refer to Product Features, or for information on licensing, refer to http://www.leadtools.com/Help/LEADTOOLS/v175/licensing/.

To determine whether a certain feature is locked, call the RasterSupport.IsLocked method.

WCF Support

Unlocking support for optional features, such as LEADTOOLS Document/Medical capabilities, is accomplished using the following configuration files:

Each configuration file contains an element where you specify the location of the license file and your developer key. You need to fill these elements in order to set your runtime license and unlock features. For example, the Leadtools.Services.Raster.ServiceImplementations.dll.config contains the following section:

<setting name = "LicenseFile" serializeAs="String">




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