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Since 1990, LEAD Technologies has been providing advanced imaging tools to developers. LEADTOOLS is used by thousands of developers distributing world class applications deployed on millions of PCs throughout the world.  LEADTOOLS is the most comprehensive, robust, flexible, and powerful imaging SDK solution available and is ideal for developers involved in still-frame, multimedia, document, medical, and vector imaging desktop, service and web projects.

LEADTOOLS supports the latest Microsoft technologies targeting Windows versions including 2000, 2003/2008 Server, XP, Vista, and 7. LEADTOOLS includes Win32 and x64 libraries for .NET, Silverlight, C, and C++, WCF services, Windows Workflow Foundation activities, and controls for WPF, AJAX, HTML5 / JavaScript, Silverlight and .NET.

LEADTOOLS also supports Windows 8 and WindowsRT with components for Windows 8 x86 and x64 and WindowsRT ARM.

As our customer, you will have access to the most advanced imaging technology available and will receive the best technical support in the business.  Thank you for the opportunity to earn your business.

Key Features of LEADTOOLS:

This Help File provides information for:


Our toolkits provide C DLL, C++ class libraries, .NET, WCF, Windows Workflow, WPF, AJAX, and Silverlight interfaces in both Win32 and x64 versions. Portions of some assemblies have been ported over to WinRT.

For more Information, refer to:

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Introduction - Leadtools.Annotations
Introduction - Leadtools.Annotations.Automation (Windows Store)
Introduction - Leadtools.Annotations.Core (Windows Store)
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Introduction - Leadtools.Annotations.Rendering (Windows Store)
Introduction - Leadtools.Barcode
Introduction - Leadtools.Ccow (PACS)
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Introduction - Leadtools.Codecs
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Introduction - Leadtools.Dicom.AddIn (PACS)
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Introduction - Leadtools.Dicom.Annotations.Core
Introduction - Leadtools.Dicom.Common
Introduction - Leadtools.Dicom.Scp (PACS)
Introduction - Leadtools.Dicom.Scu (PACS)
Introduction - Leadtools.Dicom.Server.Admin (PACS)
Introduction - Leadtools.Drawing
Introduction - Leadtools.Forms
Introduction - Leadtools.Forms.Auto
Introduction - Leadtools.Forms.DocumentReaders
Introduction - Leadtools.Forms.DocumentWriters
Introduction - Leadtools.Forms.Ocr
Introduction - Leadtools.Forms.Processing
Introduction - Leadtools.Forms.Recognition
Introduction - Leadtools.Forms.Recognition.Barcode
Introduction - Leadtools.Forms.Recognition.Ocr
Introduction - Leadtools.ImageOptimization
Introduction - Leadtools.ImageProcessing.Color
Introduction - Leadtools.ImageProcessing.Core
Introduction - Leadtools.ImageProcessing.Effects
Introduction - Leadtools.ImageProcessing.SpecialEffects
Introduction - Leadtools.Jpeg2000
Introduction - Leadtools.Jpip
Introduction - Leadtools.Jpip.Client
Introduction - Leadtools.Jpip.Client.WinForms
Introduction - Leadtools.Jpip.Server
Introduction - Leadtools.Logging (PACS)
Introduction - Leadtools.Logging.Medical (PACS)
Introduction - Leadtools.MediaWriter
Introduction - Leadtools.Medical.DataAccessLayer (PACS)
Introduction - Leadtools.Medical.Logging.DataAccessLayer (PACS)
Introduction - Leadtools.Medical.Media.DataAccessLayer (PACS)
Introduction - Leadtools.Medical.Storage.DataAccessLayer (PACS)
Introduction - Leadtools.Medical.Worklist.DataAccessLayer (PACS)
Introduction - Leadtools.Medical.Worklist.Wcf (PACS)
Introduction - Leadtools.Medical.Workstation (PACS)
Introduction - Leadtools.Medical.Workstation.Client (PACS)
Introduction - Leadtools.Medical.Workstation.DataAccessLayer (PACS)
Introduction - Leadtools.Medical.Workstation.Loader (PACS)
Introduction - Leadtools.Medical3D
Introduction - Leadtools.MedicalViewer
Introduction - Leadtools.Mrc
Introduction - Leadtools.Pdf
Introduction - Leadtools.PdfCompressor
Introduction - Leadtools.Printer
Introduction - Leadtools.Printer.Client
Introduction - Leadtools.Printer.Client.Installer
Introduction - Leadtools.ScreenCapture
Introduction - Leadtools.Services.Barcode.DataContracts (WCF)
Introduction - Leadtools.Services.Barcode.ServiceContracts (WCF)
Introduction - Leadtools.Services.Cloud.DataContracts (Cloud)
Introduction - Leadtools.Services.Cloud.FaultContracts (Cloud)
Introduction - Leadtools.Services.Cloud.ServiceContracts (Cloud)
Introduction - Leadtools.Services.DataContracts (WCF)
Introduction - Leadtools.Services.Forms.DataContracts (WCF)
Introduction - Leadtools.Services.Forms.ServiceContracts (WCF)
Introduction - Leadtools.Services.ImageProcessing.DataContracts (WCF)
Introduction - Leadtools.Services.ImageProcessing.ServiceContracts (WCF)
Introduction - Leadtools.Services.Raster.DataContracts (WCF)
Introduction - Leadtools.Services.Raster.FaultContracts (WCF)
Introduction - Leadtools.Services.Raster.ServiceContracts (WCF)
Introduction - Leadtools.SharePoint.Client
Introduction - Leadtools.SpecialEffects
Introduction - Leadtools.Twain
Introduction - Leadtools.Web
Introduction - Leadtools.Wia
Introduction - Leadtools.Windows.Annotations (Silverlight/WPF)
Introduction - Leadtools.Windows.Controls (Silverlight/WPF)
Introduction - Leadtools.Windows.Media (Silverlight/WPF)
Introduction - Leadtools.Windows.Media.Effects (Silverlight/WPF)
Introduction - Leadtools.Windows.Media.TransitionBase (WPF)
Introduction - Leadtools.Windows.Media.Transitions (WPF)
Introduction - Leadtools.WinForms
Introduction - Leadtools.WinForms.CommonDialogs.Color
Introduction - Leadtools.WinForms.CommonDialogs.File
Introduction - Leadtools.Workflow.Barcode (WF)
Introduction - Leadtools.Workflow.ImageProcessing (WF)
Introduction - Leadtools.Workflow.Ocr (WF)
Introduction - Leadtools.Workflow.Raster (WF)
Introduction - Leadtools.Workflow.Scan (WF)


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Supported Environments

The toolkit comes in Win32 and x64 editions that can support development of software applications for any of the following environments:

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