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Leadtools.Dicom.AddIn.Interfaces Namespace

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Outline and description of interfaces, enumerations, structures, and classes.
ClassAddInImage Respresents a marshable image. This allows the image to be marshaled across app domains.
ClassMatchFoundEventArgs Provides data to the MatchFound event.
ClassMoveDataSetEventArgs Provides data to the MoveDataset event.
ClassServerFeatures Constants for predefined features recognized by PACS Framework Server licensing.
InterfaceIAddInOptions Supports addin specific options.
InterfaceIAETitle Supports server ae title verification and enumeration.
InterfaceIAuditLog Support DICOM audit logging.
InterfaceIConfigureDialog Addins implement this interface if they want to provide a custom configuration dialog.
InterfaceIDicomRequest Supports addins sending DICOM related requests.
InterfaceIDicomSecurity Provides security information when performing a secure DICOM conneciton.
InterfaceIExtendedPresentationContextProvider Allows implementors to support DICOM extended negotiation features in an addin.
InterfaceIFeature Allows implementors to add licenseing features to the PACS Framework Server.
InterfaceILicense Allows implementors to provide license to the PACS Framework Server.
InterfaceILicenseProvider Allows the implementor to provide runtime license information to the storage server.
InterfaceIModule Defines a set of methods to be implemented by modules deployed in the application.
InterfaceINotifyReceiveMessage Addins implement this interface to be notified of all DICOM messages that occur. Implementers of this interface cannot affect the messages.
InterfaceINotifySendMessage Addins implement this interface to be notified whenever a new DICOM message is sent. Implementers of this interface cannot affect the messages.
InterfaceIPresentationContextProvider Addins implement this interface if they want to dynamically decide on presentation context support.
InterfaceIProcessBreak Addins implement this interface to be notified when a processing stop request has been issued.
InterfaceIProcessCFind Allows implementors to respond to C-FIND-REQ commands.
InterfaceIProcessCGet Allows impementors to respond to a C-GET-REQ command.
InterfaceIProcessCMove Allows impementors to respond to a C-MOVE-REQ command.
InterfaceIProcessCStore Allows impementors to respond to a C-STORE-REQ command.
InterfaceIProcessNAction Allows implementor to process N-ACTION-REQ command.
InterfaceIProcessNCreate Allows implementor to process N-CREATE-REQ command.
InterfaceIProcessNDelete Allows implementor to process N-DELETE-REQ command.
InterfaceIProcessNGet Allows implementor to process N-GET-REQ command.
InterfaceIProcessNReport Allows implementor to process N-EVENT-REPORT-REQ command.
InterfaceIProcessNSet Allows implementor to process N-SET-REQ command.
InterfaceIProcessServiceMessage Allows and addin to process a service message.
InterfaceIServerConfig Allow implementor to initialize some configuration information when the server loads.
DelegateMatchFoundDelegate Represents the method that will handle the event when a match has been found during a C-FIND-REQ.
DelegateMoveDataSetDelegate Respresents the method that will handle the event when a dataset is available for moving.
EnumerationBreakType Defines break types for addins.
EnumerationExtendedNegotiation Specifies the type of extended negotiation used in DICOM communications.
EnumerationLicenseFeatureType License feature types.
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Leadtools.Dicom.AddIn requires a Medical toolkit server license and unlock key. For more information, refer to: Imaging Pro/Document/Medical Features