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INotifyReceiveMessage Interface


The following tables list the members exposed by INotifyReceiveMessage.

Public Methods
 MethodOnAcceptNotifies an implementor that an accept message has been received.  
 MethodOnCloseNotifies an implementor that a DICOM connection has closed.  
 MethodOnReceiveNotifies an implementor that data has been received.  
 MethodOnReceiveAbortNotifies an implementor that an abort has been received.  
 MethodOnReceiveAssociateAcceptNotifies an implementor that an Associate Accept message was received.  
 MethodOnReceiveAssociateRejectNotifies an implementor that an Associate Reject message was received.  
 MethodOnReceiveAssociateRequestNotifies an implementor that an Associate Request message was received.  
 MethodOnReceiveCCancelRequestNotifies an implementor that a C-CANCEL-REQ command was received.  
 MethodOnReceiveCEchoRequestNotifies an implementor that a C-ECHO-REQ command was received.  
 MethodOnReceiveCEchoResponseNotifies an implementor that a C-ECHO-RSP command was received.  
 MethodOnReceiveCFindRequestNotifies an implementor that a C-FIND-REQ command was received.  
 MethodOnReceiveCFindResponseNotifies an implementor that a C-FIND-RSP command was received.  
 MethodOnReceiveCGetRequestNotifies an implementor that a C-GET-REQ command was received.  
 MethodOnReceiveCGetResponseNotifies an implementor that a C-GET-RSP command was received.  
 MethodOnReceiveCMoveRequestNotifies an implementor that a C-MOVE-REQ command was received.  
 MethodOnReceiveCMoveResponseNotifies an implementor that a C-MOVE-RSP command was received.  
 MethodOnReceiveConnectNotifies an implementor that a client has connected.  
 MethodOnReceiveCStoreRequestNotifies an implementor that a C-STORE-REQ command was received.  
 MethodOnReceiveCStoreResponseNotifies an implementor that a C-STORE-RSP command was received.  
 MethodOnReceiveDataNotifies an implementor that a Data message was received..  
 MethodOnReceiveNActionRequestNotifies an implementor that a N-ACTION-REQ command was received.  
 MethodOnReceiveNActionResponseNotifies an implementor that a N-ACTION-RSP command was received.  
 MethodOnReceiveNCreateRequestNotifies an implementor that a N-CREATE-REQ command was received.  
 MethodOnReceiveNCreateResponseNotifies an implementor that a N-CREATE-RSP command was received.  
 MethodOnReceiveNDeleteRequestNotifies an implementor that an N-DELETE-REQ command was received.  
 MethodOnReceiveNDeleteResponseNotifies an implementor that a N-DELETE-RSP command was received.  
 MethodOnReceiveNGetRequestNotifies an implementor that an N-GET-REQ command was received.  
 MethodOnReceiveNGetResponseNotifies an implementor N-GET-RSP command was received.  
 MethodOnReceiveNReportRequestNotifies an implementor that an N-EVENT-REPORT-REQ command was received.  
 MethodOnReceiveNReportResponseNotifies an implementor that a N-EVENT-REPORT-RSP command was received.  
 MethodOnReceiveNSetRequestNotifies an implementor that an N-SET-REQ command was received.  
 MethodOnReceiveNSetResponseNotifies an implementor than an N-SET-RSP command was received.  
 MethodOnReceiveReleaseRequestNotifies an implementor that a Release Request message was received.  
 MethodOnReceiveUnknownNotifies an implementor that an unknown command was received.  
 MethodOnSecureLinkReadyNotifies an implementor when an ISCL or TLS secured connection is successfully established.  
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INotifyReceiveMessage Interface
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