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LEADTOOLS provides the best in imaging toolkits to developers who are working with the latest Microsoft technologies targeting 32 and 64-bit platforms (including Windows 2000, XP, Server and Vista). It includes both Win32 and x64 libraries for C DLL, C++ class libraries, .NET, WCF, Windows Workflow, WPF, AJAX, and Silverlight. ActiveX and COM Interop interfaces are provided as 32 bit.

LEADTOOLS is ideal for developers involved in still frame, multimedia, document, medical, and vector imaging projects, including Internet/Intranet applications. Independent of the specific application requirement such as scanning, file format support/conversion, compression, image processing, annotation, database support, and multimedia LEADTOOLS provides the most comprehensive, robust, flexible, and powerful imaging solution available.

This latest version of the LEADTOOLS Imaging Toolkits introduces many new features and is considered one of the fastest and most robust versions of LEADTOOLS ever. The Medical Imaging product line offers enhanced extended grayscale support (true 16 bit LUT) and a high level DICOM PACS Framework Module for easily creating DICOM based servers. The Document Imaging product line offers a higher level interface to our existing Forms Recognition Engine, the Advantage OCR/OMR Engine, the ability to Auto Zone an image outside of the OCR engine, a Virtual Printer Driver to capture the output from any application as EMF, and Document Writers to convert EMF to PDF, PDF/A, DOC, HTML, RTF and TXT. WCF and Windows Workflow libraries are included with support for various imaging related tasks such as OCR, barcode read and write, file conversion, and more. Other features include an optimized JPEG/JPEG2000 codec, an image viewer control for Silverlight applications, TWAIN 2.0 support (32 and 64 bit), and a CD/DVD Burning library. ActiveX controls and COM Interoperability allow you to rapidly use your existing .NET code and incorporate image compression, file format support, and image processing functionality into VB.6 and VC++ applications.

This Help File provides .Net platform information for:

  • LEADTOOLS application developer toolkits (SDKs)
  • LEADTOOLS application developer toolkit add-ons, plug-ins, and modules

Supported Environments

LEADTOOLS comes in Win32 and x64 editions that support development of software applications for any of the following environments:

  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows 2000 Server and newer

Our toolkits provide C DLL, C++ class libraries, .NET, WCF, Windows Workflow, WPF, AJAX, and Silverlight interfaces in both Win32 and x64 versions. Active X and COM Interoperability interfaces are provided as 32 bit. 

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