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Leadtools.Barcode Namespace
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Barcode1d This class contains linear (1D) barcode information for reading or writing 1D barcodes.
BarcodeColor This class contains information about colors to be used when reading or writing barcodes.
BarcodeData This class contains barcode data information to be read or written.
BarcodeEngine This class contains the barcode engine used to read or write barcodes.
BarcodeException The exception that is thrown when a Barcode error occurs.
BarcodeReadPdf This class contains information for reading PDF417 or MicroPDF417 barcodes.
BarcodeWriteDatamatrix This class contains information used to write ECC 200 Data Matrix symbols.
BarcodeWritePdf This class contains information for writing PDF417/MicroPDF417 barcodes.
BarcodeWriteQr This class contains QR barcode information for writing QR barcodes.


Barcode1dAdvancedFlags Flags that identify the linkage bit value for all GS1 Databar (formerly RSS14) types, GS1 Databar (formerly RSS14) truncated type, direction of GS1 Databar (formerly RSS14) stacked, number of GS1 Databar (formerly RSS14) expanded stacked rows for write, and Australian post CIF table for read and write. You can use a bitwise OR (|) to specify one flag from each group.
Barcode1dStandardFlags Flags that identify the MSI barcode type, Code11 barcode type, and reading speed.
BarcodeDataFlags Flags that identify barcode properties for the Linear, PDF417, MicroPDF417, DataMatrix and QR barcodes.
BarcodeDirectionFlags Flags that identify the barcode direction, used when reading linear and PDF417 barcodes.
BarcodeExceptionCode Flags that identify the exception codes.
BarcodeJustifyFlags Flags that identify the barcode justification for PDF417/MicroPDF417 barcodes.
BarcodeMajorTypeFlags Flags that identify the barcode major types.
BarcodePdf417EccLevelFlags Flags that identify the barcode PDF417 ECC level.
BarcodeQrEccLevel Flags that identify the QR ECC level.
BarcodeReadFlags Flags that identify the read processing options.
BarcodeSearchTypeFlags Flags that identify the barcode types to search.
BarcodeUnit Flags that identify the unit of measure to be used when measuring barcode sizes.
BarcodeWriteFlags Flags that identify the write processing options.

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Leadtools.Barcode requires a Barcode Module license and unlock key. For more information, refer to: Imaging Pro/Document/Medical Features