UnlockSupport method (ILEADRaster)

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void UnlockSupport (RasterSupportLockConstants iType, BSTR pszKey);


Refer to Miscellaneous Methods and Properties.


Unlocks support for an optional feature, such as LEADTOOLS Document/Medical capabilities.

For information about LEADTOOLS Document/Medical capabilities, contact LEAD.

Note: UnlockSupport can be replaced by entering the appropriate keys in LTOCX14.LIC. Edit the LTOCX14.LIC file and append at the end of a line, and on the same line, one or more pairs in the form |L_SUPPORT_xxx=key. For a list of the keys that can be specified, refer to the iType parameter for this method.

For example, if you wanted to unlock DOCUMENT and OCR support, you would include the following at the end of a line:


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