Charlotte, NC (February 16, 2016) – LEAD Technologies released several updates to the LEADTOOLS Multimedia family of products. Programmers use LEADTOOLS Multimedia SDKs for the development of audio/video applications across a wide variety of industries including defense, broadcast and security. With LEADTOOLS, developers can complete complex DirectShow and Media Foundation tasks with fewer lines of code.

Live Streaming Added to the Media Streaming Server

LEADTOOLS Media Streaming Server technology streams multimedia content to any device. With this update, video and audio from files, capture devices, ONVIF-conformant cameras, UDP and RTSP streams can be transcoded on the fly and streamed to clients via a variety of protocols including Flash, HTML5, HLS, RTSP, MPEG-DASH, HDS and Microsoft Smooth Streaming.

Click here for more information on all features within the LEADTOOLS Media Streaming Server.

RTSP Source Updates

LEAD Technologies added a new filter that developers can leverage to source video from ONVIF-conformant RTSP cameras. In addition to the new source filter, LEAD updated their RTSP Source filter to include a property that disables the filter’s built-in authentication challenge dialog during connection to secure streams. The new property gives developers flexibility to maintain a consistent look and feel with their application’s user interface.

Click here for more information on LEADTOOLS RTSP functionality.

Multimedia Embedded DICOM Update

LEAD Technologies also updated the LEAD DICOM Reader and Writer filters to support streams in MP4 and MPEG-2 Transport containers stored in DICOM data set files. Video streams can be encoded as H264, and audio streams can be encoded as AAC, MP3 and MPEG.

New G.726 Audio Codec

LEAD Technologies now offers a G.726 codec to application developers. G.726 is an audio codec standard used primarily to transmit speech.

HDTV Capture Updates

LEAD Technologies updated capture to be compatible with more HDTV capture device drivers.

Click here for more information on LEADTOOLS capture functionality.

New Properties for Smoother Play in Low-Latency Conditions

LEAD Technologies updated the LEAD MPEG2 Transport Demultiplexer and LEAD UDP Source filters to have new properties that facilitate smoother playback during low latency conditions.

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