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DataOps Day Recap with Video: Islands of Data in Healthcare and How LEADTOOLS & MiPACS Can Help

On August 16th, 2023 our Head of Business Development & Healthtech, Scott Mallonee, was a speaker at DataOps Day. This is a one-day virtual event where data and business leaders came together to discuss latest in data security, quality, and … Continue reading

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View, Archive, and Play Live Streams from Cameras in C# and C

As we move further into the 21st century, the era of communication and social media continues to grow and evolve. Blogs, YouTube and other social media formats consume videos regularly. The ability to capture from these sources is mandatory.

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Apply a Filter to a Video File in C#

Sometimes I’ll take what I think is a really great video on my cell phone, only to find out my hand was shaking while I was recording. Thankfully, I know the LEADTOOLS SDK provides many filters that can be used … Continue reading

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How To Create a Xamarin Barcode Reader Application With LEADTOOLS

This video showcases how you can use the Visual Studio Xamarin template in combination with LEADTOOLS Barcode SDK libraries to create a simple Barcode Reader application. This sample application loads a QR Code test image and returns the symbology, position … Continue reading

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How to Create a .NET Core Cross-Platform OCR Application using LEADTOOLS

This video showcases how you can use the LEADTOOLS .NET Core libraries to build a cross-platform OCR Application. This sample application loads a sample image such as a TIF, performs OCR on the text, and outputs the recognized words into … Continue reading

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