LEAD Technologies Releases LEADTOOLS Cloud Services


New product alert! LEADTOOLS now has a completely new way to add its world-leading OCR, barcode, MICR, and document conversion into your app. Introducing LEADTOOLS Cloud Services, a high-powered, scalable, and lightweight Web API for adding advanced LEADTOOLS recognition and document conversion technologies into their applications.

As cloud hosting services like Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, and Google Cloud gain popularity, applications can be developed in new and exciting ways. LEADTOOLS Cloud Services dives into the hosted cloud processing world by providing its most popular technologies via a consumption-based pricing model. This new product is a programmer-friendly addition to any desktop, mobile, or web application with an Internet connection. This opens the door to many popular languages such as PHP, Python, and Perl, in addition to C# and JavaScript, which LEADTOOLS already supports in its existing SDK product line.

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Search and Redact Documents and Images with Regular Expressions and OCR


One of the most important aspects of documents and record-keeping is the ability to redact sensitive information. Originally done permanently with blank ink on paper, the need for redaction certainly carried over into document imaging as processes and archives started going paperless. LEADTOOLS has many ways to redact documents, but today we’re going to look at an example you might not have thought of before and would be right at home within any ECM or eDiscovery application.

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LEADTOOLS Releases Updates to V20 Including Advanced Security Features for the HTML5/JavaScript Document Viewer


LEADTOOLS received several updates to its document and medical imaging toolkits today. Most notably, the LEADTOOLS HTML5/JavaScript Document Viewer now has the ability to run within even the most restricted environments without compromising security. Several under-the-hood updates including logging, diskless caching, configuration settings, and the like all contribute to create a lightweight, web-based viewer that can be hosted on both Windows and Linux servers, as well as third-party cloud hosting services such as Microsoft Azure.

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LEAD Receives 2018 SD Times 100 Award for APIs, Libraries, and Frameworks

We are proud to announce that LEAD Technologies has won an SD Times 100 award within the APIs, Libraries & Frameworks category in recognition of its flagship SDK product line, LEADTOOLS. This year marks the 7th year in a row LEAD has been recognized by SD Times as a standout company and it is an honor to be acknowledged alongside this prestigious group. While there are plenty of new players who have made waves in the industry and are represented on the SD Times 100 list, it is a testament to the years of experience and hard work of our team that we have kept at the forefront of development innovation year in and year out. Continue reading

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How To Create a Xamarin Barcode Reader Application With LEADTOOLS

This video showcases how you can use the Visual Studio Xamarin template in combination with LEADTOOLS Barcode SDK libraries to create a simple Barcode Reader application. This sample application loads a QR Code test image and returns the symbology, position and value of the recognized QR code when the user selects the button.

For the source code for this project please visit our support forum: http://bit.ly/XamarinBarcode

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How to Create a .NET Core Cross-Platform OCR Application using LEADTOOLS

This video showcases how you can use the LEADTOOLS .NET Core libraries to build a cross-platform OCR Application. This sample application loads a sample image such as a TIF, performs OCR on the text, and outputs the recognized words into a PDF document.

For the source code for this project please visit our support forum: http://bit.ly/NETCoreOCR

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Reading and Writing AAMVA Barcodes on Driver’s Licenses

One highly practical new feature in LEADTOOLS Version 20 is the parsing of AAMVA barcodes. If you’re not familiar, the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) created a standard for those barcodes on the back of your driver’s license. It contains all the information on the front and provides reliable, fast, and accurate reading of that information by parsing the barcode.

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