Xamarin Camera Control Tutorial: Develop a Live Capture Barcode Reader, Part 1

Today we would like to introduce you to our first coding session with Developer Support Agent, Matt. He will be guiding you through a three part mini-series about the LEADTOOLS Xamarin Camera control and the Barcode SDK. At the end of this series, you will have developed a live capture barcode recognition application.Continue reading

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Resize an Entire Folder of Images

This morning I was given a folder of more than 100 screenshots of our various demos. I needed these to update our website. Unfortunately, most of them were too large for the page and needed to be resized. I quickly created a .NET Core console app to fix the image sizes for me. I was able to write the code, resize the images, and then blog about it before 10:00am. Code is below. Enjoy!

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Detect and Redact MICR and CMC7 Font to Hide Check Information

Very few individuals like their personal information shared and I guarantee no one likes private information from documents being shared either. Images of financial documents, such as checks, are sent across large companies every day. In a world where anything can be uploaded to the internet and stolen in seconds, you can never be too careful with protecting personal information.

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LEADTOOLS Business Card Reader Mobile App

Never lose an important business card again!

Have you ever been to a networking event and collected a stack of business cards with the hopes of connecting with the various people you met down the road? But then…just when you need it, where oh where did that pesky business card go?!

With the LEADTOOLS Business Card Scanner App for iPhone, iPad, and Android you can pull all the information off of a business card and have it stored within seconds. Using this app allows users to capture, share, and save all the information you need with no worries of ever losing that business card. And one of the best parts about this app is that…


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