Speed and Accuracy Optimizations for LEADTOOLS Document and Medical Imaging Technologies

LEAD keeps pushing the limits with LEADTOOLS Version 19 and has released another update full of speed and accuracy optimizations throughout the product line. Though speed and accuracy is a major theme throughout this update, it isn’t the only notable improvement. Many completely new features, tools, and support for new specifications are also included. Check out the list below for the full run-down on what our LEADTOOLS developers have been up to, making sure you have the world’s leading imaging SDK at your fingertips.

Document Imaging

  • Document Viewer
    • Text searching optimizations including multiple matches, multi-line/multi-page, and highlighting
    • Enhanced control over printing (e.g., cancel/replace pages, change page size, implement callback)
  • OCR
    • Improved recognition performance for low-quality images
    • Greater accuracy for non-standard English words such as names, abbreviations, and source code
    • Strengthened formatting detection (i.e., font size, color, dotted lines, inverted text, etc.) to output files that more closely match the original
  • Document file formats
    • Faster rasterization of document formats into bitmaps (useful in thumbnail generation)
    • 2x-10x speed increase for loading documents
    • Added full support for shapes in Word documents
    • Enhanced font support for PDF
    • Added transparency support in Document Writers
  • Detect image orientation angle (i.e., horizontal or vertical) in Deskew function
  • Improved Driver’s License recognition speed and accuracy
  • Region support for CLAHE filter

Medical Imaging

  • HTML5 Medical Web Viewer
    • Speed optimizations
    • Improved MPR quality and generation speed, and integration with 3d cursor, reference line, probe tools
    • Customizable explode tool that can explode to cell, entire viewer, or enable/disable
    • Apply window level, scale, offset while running animations
    • Additional options for Study and Series synchronization
    • Pinch-to-zoom improvements for mobile devices
  • DICOMweb WADO-RS service supports rendering DICOM objects into web supported formats as specified in (PS3.18.2017b)
  • DICOM Storage Server
    • Added Anonymous C-Move support
    • Added C-Get support

General Imaging

  • Added ability to store all temporary files in a user-defined folder to increase security (e.g., encrypted folder)
  • Across-the-board file load speed improvements for common file types
  • Added new image processing function (MatchHistogram) that equalizes the histogram of an image to that of a reference image. Useful for normalizing images captured with different devices.

Once again, these updates are available to all registered LEADTOOLS Version 19 customers, at no charge. Download the latest Version 19 setup today to start developing with these exciting new features and enhancements.

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