New Imaging Technology for Java Programmers

Last week we touched briefly on the new Java libraries in our post about the latest Document Imaging features for Linux in LEADTOOLS. Today we’ll take a closer look at what the LEADTOOLS April update has for Java programmers as a whole, because it extends far beyond just Linux and document imaging.

The recent LEADTOOLS Version 19 update added far-reaching Java support for both Windows and Linux operating systems. These new, highly-requested imaging libraries for Java include functionality for nearly all markets and imaging technologies that LEADTOOLS is known for:

  • Viewers
  • Image formats
  • Compression
  • Image processing
  • Document Viewer and Converter
  • OCR
  • Barcode
  • Annotations

With Java comfortably holding one of the top spots in the world among programming languages, there are bound to be a huge number of developers and project managers ready and searching for ways to add imaging technology to their existing applications. This much is true from our conversations with customers looking for OCR, barcode, image conversion, and the like. We are happy to fill that need for the many Java development shops out there.

Also, Java developers working on new projects will be ready to create just about any application their clients might need on Linux and Windows. These new libraries closely resemble their .NET counterparts, which means if your goal is to port an existing application to the Java platform, you’ll have a fairly smooth transition.

Click here to learn more about LEADTOOLS Imaging Technology for Java.


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