Microsoft Connect(); 2017 Live Stream – Watch Here!

Microsoft Connect(); 2017 is an exciting event and resource for developers focusing on building apps for the future. Join Microsoft’s Cloud Chief, Scott Guthrie, and other top developer minds for the latest in open source technologies, Azure, Data, AI, DevOps, Visual Studio, Xamarin, and cross-platform applications. Although attendance to the conference in New York is very limited, everyone can take part in the 3-day event through the live stream, which we will be hosting right here on the LEADTOOLS Blog!

So save the date and be sure to bookmark this post. The live stream below will begin at 9:45am with a pre-show and the Keynotes will start at 10:00am US Eastern Time on November 15th. The event will continue to stream live through the 15th and 16th. Keep an eye on the #MSFTConnect hashtag and the @LEADTOOLS and @VisualStudio Twitter profiles as all of the highlights of Connect() will be covered throughout the day as well as many simultaneous partner news and announcements!

If you are getting to this party late (i.e., it’s after November 17th), you can always watch the recorded sessions on Visual Studio’s YouTube Channel. Whether you’re creating cloud-native apps, targeting the edge of devices & IoT, infusing apps w/ AI, or just getting started, Connect(); 2017 will inspire & equip you to build the apps of the future.

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2 Responses to Microsoft Connect(); 2017 Live Stream – Watch Here!

  1. Emily says:

    I couldn’t watch the live session:(. But I watched its recorded version such a nice event it was.

  2. john saw says:

    With the help of your article, I knew there is a recorded version of this event is present.Thanks for sharing.

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