Medical and Web Technology: Perfect Match with LEADTOOLS

At first glance, medical imaging technology and web may appear to be incompatible technologies because of non-standard medical-image bit depths and the huge amount of data associated with even just one DICOM dataset. However, as demonstrated with this last release, the engineers at LEAD Technologies continue to develop frameworks, technologies and algorithms that provide HTML5 developers tools to work with medical images over the wire, while still ensuring great UX for their users.

With input from numerous customer requests, structured display, templates and custom layouts have been added to the HTML5 Medical Viewer. With these features, the end-user can design custom display templates choosing from three ways to arrange series images: sequentially, DICOM instance number or custom alternative with JavaScript. Users can save the templates to a LEADTOOLS storage server as a DICOM structured display dataset; the LEADTOOLS Medical Viewer will use this to render series.

Besides adding new features, LEAD Technologies continues to refine the HTML5 Medical Viewer and related services with load, window-level, image processing and animation optimizations. Faster window-leveling opens the door to window-level even higher resolution images than were possible before. Other enhancements include better spy-glass support and support to load all types of images such as CT, MR, and MG.

At the core of many of these enhancements is the new multi-resolution and tiled image (MRTI) technology, which optimizes the delivery of large, extremely high-resolution images. MRTI intelligently serves a portion and resolution of the image based on the specific client request. This saves bandwidth, reduces memory requirements and improves the overall efficiency of the entire system.

To expand interoperability support with other PACS systems, LEAD Technologies now provides WADO-URI, WADO-WS, WADO-RS, STOW-RS and QIDO-R DICOMweb services that interface with LEADTOOLS PACS. These services conform to the latest version (2015c) of the DICOM PS3.18 specification. The source code for the services is available with LEADTOOLS PACS Imaging and LEADTOOLS Medical Imaging Suite products.

The healthcare industry remains an important vertical market for LEAD Technologies. We will continue to innovate, enhance, and extend LEADTOOLS to provide the highest quality and most complete DICOM and medical-imaging SDKs available. For more information, contact


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