Major Updates to Document and Medical SDKs Are Available

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LEAD Technologies is pleased to announce the release of a major update to the LEADTOOLS Document and Medical Product lines. The headliner of this update is the Advantage OCR engine, which boasts a plethora of improvements which contribute to a significant increase in overall speed and accuracy.

Keep reading below to see a list of all the improvements in this update. You can also read the official press release.

What’s new in the LEADTOOLS Document Engine


  • 82% speed boost to overall performance of Advantage OCR engine
  • Faster page insertion
  • Improved recognition accuracy
  • Higher accuracy of font-size detection through improved noise removal
  • Enhanced spell checker speed by 100%
  • Optimized memory usage during AutoZone
  • Table detection 50% faster


  • Parse, edit and save modified PDF forms
  • Read and write PDF Digital Signature
  • Native memory support
  • Memory enhancements when loading large PDF documents
  • Optimized extraction of PDF file information including internal links, bookmarks, etc.
  • Speed improvements to loading and saving SVG PDF documents
  • Lower memory consumption when loading raster PDF

Document Viewer and Converter

  • Faster SVG rendering
  • Designer support for Leadtools.Controls.Winforms
  • Load and save from SharePoint, OneDrive and Google Docs
  • Native support for MOBI and ePUB format
  • Shape and drawing support for DOC/DOCX
  • Across-the-board improvements to Office, HTML, MOBI and ePUB formats
  • HTML5 / JavaScript Document Viewer demo redesigned to use ASP.NET MVC
  • Converted Document REST service to ASP.NET
  • New .NET WinForms demo for viewing either Raster or SVG


  • Dashed line support for HTML5 / JavaScript
  • Region / language support when loading and saving
  • Improved custom annotation pictures
  • Add padding to all sides of an object regardless of alignment
  • Automatically rotate annotation images and text with viewer rotation
  • Load annotations directly from PDF and TIFF files
  • New legacy framework for loading and saving old versions of LEADTOOLS annotations
  • Improved annotation realization (burning) for all platforms

Additional Document Updates

What’s new in the LEADTOOLS Medical Engine


  • Updated to 2015c DICOM Specifications
  • Native Model (XML and JSON) support
  • Import and export XML format (PS3.19)
  • Import and export to DICOM JSON model (PS3.18)
  • Improved support for inserting large data

HTML5 Medical Viewer

  • Restrict user access to records at the Patient level
  • Improved sorting options and display
  • Split series into multiple stacks
  • Load all images without scrolling
  • Improved memory usage and speed
  • Pinch-zoom support
  • Image Projection Orientation support
  • Burn tags (overlays) onto image — All platforms

DICOM Storage Server

  • Show live connections in server UI
  • New cancel-forward and cancel-clean options
  • AE Title Aliases

Medical Workstation

  • Configuration options
    • Pagination
    • Export with Anonymization
  • Encapsulated PDF support

What’s new in the LEADTOOLS Imaging Engine

  • Redesigned, fully customizable HTML5 Web Scanning Service
  • Enhanced the TWAIN engine providing 64-bit apps access to 32-bit drivers
  • Salt and Pepper noise removal image processing function
  • Animated GIF support for HTML5 / JavaScript Viewer
  • Resample color images in HTML5 / JavaScript Viewer
  • Support for Pan Window in WPF Leadtools.Windows.Controls
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