LEADTOOLS Document Viewer and Document Converter Professional Review

We absolutely love hearing from our customers regarding our products. In fact, one of the primary ways LEADTOOLS grows is through the direct feedback, suggestions and feature requests from our customers both with shipping products as well as those mulling through ideas during their evaluation. Today we’d like to introduce Carey Payette, an experienced programmer, mom of 3, black belt and conference speaker. She also writes for Code Project from time to time, which is why she is a part of our blog today.

She recently took LEADTOOLS for a spin and wrote about her experience with our Document Viewer and Document Converter technologies. Her article starts from scratch and shows how little effort it takes to view a raster image with searchable text in the Document Viewer. Then uses the Document Converter to convert the picture into a Microsoft Word DOCX file for editing.

Click here to read the full article on Code Project.


Developer Support Manager

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