LEAD Technologies Releases LEADTOOLS Cloud Services


New product alert! LEADTOOLS now has a completely new way to add its world-leading OCR, barcode, MICR, and document conversion into your app. Introducing LEADTOOLS Cloud Services, a high-powered, scalable, and lightweight Web API for adding advanced LEADTOOLS recognition and document conversion technologies into their applications.

As cloud hosting services like Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, and Google Cloud gain popularity, applications can be developed in new and exciting ways. LEADTOOLS Cloud Services dives into the hosted cloud processing world by providing its most popular technologies via a consumption-based pricing model. This new product is a programmer-friendly addition to any desktop, mobile, or web application with an Internet connection. This opens the door to many popular languages such as PHP, Python, and Perl, in addition to C# and JavaScript, which LEADTOOLS already supports in its existing SDK product line.

We are very excited about this product and will be talking about it much more over the course of this summer, so stay tuned!

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