HTML5 Zero-footprint Medical Web Viewer – New Features and Enhancements Coming Q1 2017

Today, we continue our weekly introduction of the upcoming updates to LEADTOOLS V19 Document and Medical technologies. These updates will include a market-first DICOM Hanging Protocol implementation as well as the fastest Form Recognition and Processing engine in the world! Additionally, the upcoming update includes new features for the HTML5 Zero-footprint Medical Web Viewer, DICOM Storage Server, Recognition Engines, Document Viewer, Document Formats, Linux, and Credit Card Reader.

Today’s post is about the new features and enhancements coming to the LEADTOOLS HTML5 Zero-footprint Medical Web Viewer:

The expert team of medical imaging developers at LEAD are adding many new features to the LEADTOOLS HTML5 Zero-footprint Medical Web Viewer. The viewer is an OEM-ready web application that provides a platform-independent solution to display DICOM studies for all medical disciplines and modalities. The fully customizable viewer is a powerful collection of JavaScript libraries and web services, and is perfect for any developer or integrator who needs a fast, lightweight DICOM-viewer solution without sacrificing any features that health care professionals demand.

The new features being added by LEAD developers improve UX through the addition of DICOM Hanging Protocol, DICOM Basic Structured Display, 3D Cursor (i.e., spatial locater), inter-study synchronization and comparison, sorting DICOM images using various criteria, full orientation support, image laterality, field of view support, context menu for series arrangement, ultrasound calibration, lazy loading support, and overall speed gains in querying, image load, and study time-line display. Additionally, LEADTOOLS developers are incorporating MRTI technology into the Viewer, opening the door to working with huge image data—e.g., typical microscopy images are 61,440 x 14,848 (2.6 GB)—using a modern web browser. Furthermore, they are adding enterprise-level, flexible caching to further improve speed and efficiency. Viewer UI updates will include merge cells, multi-cell selection, interactive cell resize, and cell highlight. Additional updates will include modality-based Window Level presets, 32-bit grayscale image Window Level, Line Profile tool, and Window Level on MPR. These great new features and enhancements will continue to anchor the LEADTOOLS HTML5 Zero-footprint Medical Viewer as the top enterprise medical viewing solution.

Click here for more information on the LEADTOOLS HTML5 Zero-footprint Medical Web Viewer.

For more information or to be notified when these new features are available, contact As a reminder, this update will be available at no additional cost to all registered LEADTOOLS Version 19 and current maintenance customers. Contact us to see if you are eligible to receive these updates.

Information concerning the other new features and announcements mentioned above will be provides in future posts. Stay tuned for more information!


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