Free Apps, Demos and Utilities for Android on Google Play

In order to show off the new LEADTOOLS Anywhere ™ technology, LEAD recently published several free apps for WinRT on the Windows Store. Today, we are announcing three new Android apps approved for Google Play. Showing off nearly identical features as their WinRT siblings, these apps showcase not only the award-winning imaging technology for formats, image processing, OCR and Barcode, but show how easy it is to create native apps for multiple platforms with LEADTOOLS Anywhere™. The source code for each of these demos is available in the main LEADTOOLS evaluation to help get developers started on their LEADTOOLS Anywhere™ projects.

We have more apps for iOS on the way and should hit the App Store any day now. If you’re an Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod user, stay tuned for our next announcement for these exciting and free apps!

Update: Follow this link for more information on apps for iOS.


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