New White Paper: Stream Video Files to Any Device with LEADOOLS Media Streaming Server

Streaming video is the norm these days. Whether watching a movie or TV show from one of the many services out there, catching a quick laugh or how-to on YouTube, or watching some promotional video on a company’s website, we have all come to expect media streaming as a way of entertainment and education. Consumers (and I will admittedly put myself into this group as well!) are usually picky about the quality of their playback. Buffering? Stuttering playback? Chances are you just lost interest.

As a web developer, server administrator or content provider, how do you serve up streaming audio/video content? YouTube can be a solid option but not for everyone as many companies prefer to host it themselves and not rely on any third party. If you choose to host your own streaming media, you now have to make sure you can support all of your clients’ devices and browsers and convert the videos accordingly or risk some clients being unable to play your video.

LEADTOOLS now includes the Media Streaming Server SDK. With this framework you can easily create your own audio/video media streaming server for hosting your own videos, or even create your own content provider service to compete with the big boys. Our new white paper will show you how easy it is!

Stream Video Files to Any Device with LEADOOLS Media Streaming Server
Clients have high expectations for video streaming playback, and the responsibility of a positive user experience is almost completely in the server’s court. Even in the case of a poor or fluctuating connection, clients expect to have continuous playback without stuttering or long buffering pauses. Furthermore, viewers expect to view the same video on all of their devices. This is no small order for content providers. Thankfully, developers and server administrators can use the LEADTOOLS Media Streaming Server SDK to quickly and easily build professional audio/video multimedia streaming applications for playback on any device at a fraction of the cost of other proprietary methods.

In addition to the PDF download format, we have also published this white paper on CodeProject.

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