LEADTOOLS Multimedia Version 18 and the Cloud

Lately we’ve had some customers inquire about using LEADTOOLS Multimedia 18 with the Cloud SDK. This is a perfect choice since the conversion of audio/video files is what originally sparked the creation of our Cloud SDK. LEADTOOLS Multimedia V18 gives distributed processing application developers the most flexibility, features and performance with the latest codecs, processing filters, and the option to use either DirectShow or Media Foundation. This combination sets up LEADTOOLS as the unrivaled choice for parallel processing of multimedia conversion tasks.

In case you’re new to the LEADTOOLS Cloud SDK, its greatest asset is the freedom it gives developers. While we include demos for OCR and Multimedia since those are the most popular kinds of distributed applications among our customers, the Cloud SDK is actually a completely independent framework. You don’t have to use LEADTOOLS Multimedia, OCR, Image Processing, or really any LEADTOOLS imaging feature. LEADTOOLS Cloud SDK simply makes it easy to divide any job amongst an unlimited number of networked computers and get your job done faster and less expensively.


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