LEADTOOLS Multimedia Updates: Improved RTSP and Hardware Acceleration for H.265 and H.264

Today, we are pleased to announce several updates to our Multimedia SDKs. The majority focus on improvements to our support for Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) and Hardware Acceleration in our H.265 and H.264 codecs.


  • Added support for new formats
    • QuickTime
    • Windows Media Player
  • Added support for KLV metadata in RTSP streams
  • Added support for RTSP over TCP and HTTP servers
  • Added new security handler
  • Improved support for cameras, seeking, and AAC audio streaming
  • Added new examples for RTSP Live Streaming
  • Added stream bit rates to RTSP DESCRIBE response

Codecs, Multiplexers, and Demultiplexers

  • Added support for QuickSync acceleration on 6th generation and later Intel Processors to H.265 encoder and H.265 decoder
  • Added support for non-asynchronous modes when using CUDA hardware acceleration on H.265 and H.264 decoders
  • Added ability to select the decoding engine in the H265 decoder
  • Added support for decoding 10-bit video in H.265 decoder
  • Added frame seeking to MKV demultiplexer

Additional Multimedia Updates

  • Added feature to help break DVR recordings into smaller complete video fragments
  • Added a new Microsoft Smooth Streaming source filter that allows playback, conversion, and streaming from Microsoft Smooth Streaming servers
  • Added programmatic control over automatic poster frame scrubbing in play module
  • Added support for P010 format to the LEAD Color Space Converter

This update is free to existing Version 19 customers and is available in the Multimedia Download Package.

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