Concatenate Videos using Callback Filter: Developer App Series

This post is part of our 2017 Developer App Series, which showcases apps created by our Support Agents over the course of eight weeks. These apps are intended to be larger, more thoughtful apps with highly practical purposes in mind, as opposed to a basic “how to” for a feature.

App Description

This project from Amin will utilize two of the LEADTOOLS Callback filters to combine multiple videos into a single video output. It uses the RGB filters, the Video Resize Filter, and the Still Image Reader filter. The UI provides allows the user to add more than two videos as well as setting the order for combining them.

Features Used

Instructions for Running the App

  1. Download the source code for this app from here
  2. Extract the contents to the C:\LEADTOOLS 19\Examples\Multimedia\ltmm\Dotnet\CS directory.
  3. Build csproj file with Visual Studio and run


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