New White Paper: Using Print to PACS to Digitize Your Legacy Medical Imaging Systems

Digital healthcare is a huge industry, and for good reason. Not only is there an incredible amount of opportunities for businesses, but it also feels good to know you’re a part of something that helps improve people’s health. But for some providers it’s not yet an option to upgrade their equipment, but still want the ability to take advantage of Meaningful Use incentives. How can these institutions continue using their legacy systems and devices but still provide the highest level of care for their patients?

Print to PACS, a powerful feature offered in LEADTOOLS Medical Imaging SDKs, is a perfect solution to these situations. In this white paper we will explore the benefits, scenarios, and easy to use code that will allow you to integrate any legacy system into your digital PACS and EHR systems and round off your launch into the digital healthcare age.

Using Print to PACS to Digitize Your Legacy Medical Imaging Systems
Incorporating a digital Picture Archival and Communication System (PACS) is a must-have in today’s healthcare industry for many reasons. Besides the obvious benefits to productivity, speed, collaboration, automation and so on, there are many government grants and subsidies that providers can qualify for by showing Meaningful Use. The majority of requirements of doing so revolve around digitally capturing and presenting healthcare-related information to improve ease of use and accessibility for individuals, families and healthcare workers. This white paper will show how LEADTOOLS Print to PACS can be used as a final cog in your digital migration and aid in the completion of Meaningful Use requirements.

You can also check out this white paper on CodeProject, where we have circulated it along with the rest of our white papers.

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